Yellowstone Collection

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The Yellowstone collection contains all National Geographic magazines containing interesting Yellowstone articles at a reduced price. This collection also serves as a launching off point to discover all the issues that covered Yellowstone National Park.

  • National Geographic June 1940

    Where Nature Runs Riot: On Australia's Great Barrier Reef Marine Animals Grow to Unusual Size, Develop Strange Weapons of Attack and Defense, and Acquire Brilliant Colors
    Largest of all coral reefs, Australia's Great Barrier Reef stretches 1, 250 miles and is the habitat of many sea creatures, including giant turtles and poisonous stonefish.
    Seeing Our Spanish Southwest
    Four hundred years after Spanish explorers marveled at the beauty of the American Southwest, tourists begin to discover its canyons, ancient cliff dwellings, and petrified forests.
    Aerial Color Photography Becomes a War Weapon
    Snapped from planes flying 200 miles an hour, color photographs can reveal the location of enemy troops 1, 000 to 3, 000 feet below.
    Rural Sweden Through American Eyes: A Visitor in Peacetime Finds Warmth, Welcome, and Strange Folkways On a Century- old Farm
    An American woman visits a traditional Swedish farm, where peasants harvest crops, churn butter, pick berries, carve wooden horses, crochet, and prepare delicious meals in busy kitchens.
    Fabulous Yellowstone: Even Stranger Than the Tales of Early Trappers is the Truth About This Steaming Wonderland
    High in the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone National Park protects the bears, elk, and bison who roam its 3, 472 square miles of steaming geysers, colorful hot springs, turquoise pools, and waterfalls.

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  • National Geographic December 1956

    Springtime Comes to Yellowstone National Park
    A much- loved landscape shows its most compelling beauty in spring, when geothermal activity hotly bubbles against a snowy backdrop.
    Exploring the Farthest Reaches of Space
    Palomar astronomer George O. Abell explains how a newly completed survey of the heavens expands known space at least 25 times, revealing millions of galaxies beyond the Milky Way.
    Sky Survey Charts the Universe
    The National Geographic Society- Palomar Observatory Sky Atlas is complete with images made possible by a telescope that can photograph a candle flame 10, 000 miles distant.
    Raccoon: Amiable Rogue in a Black Mask: Tough, Curious, and Unawed by Man or Dog, This Bear- faced Rascal Shows a Sense of Humor and Takes Civilization in Stride
    Tough, curious, and unawed by man or dog, this bear- faced rascal shows a sense of humor and takes civilization in stride.
    Tasmania, Australia's Island State: The Look of the English Countryside Greets Nostalgic Britons in a Land Made Prosperous by Rich Soil and Abundant Power
    The look of the English countryside greets nostalgic Britons in a land made prosperous by rich soil and abundant power.
    Florida's Wild Indians, the Seminole: Descendants of Warriors Who Fought the U. S. Army to a Standstill, These Tribesmen Still Acknowledge No Treaty with the Government
    The author sketches the history of these Native Americans and records the traditions preserved by a thousand surviving individuals.
    Jerusalem to Rome in the Path of St. Paul
    Staff writer Dave S. Boyer traces the steps of the Apostle Paul, noting biblical sites, some documented from early Christianity and some taken on faith.

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  • National Geographic November 1967

    Yellowstone Wildlife in Winter
    When most tourists have gone home, the National Park Service conducts studies and population control on buffalo, elk, and bighorn sheep in the solitary snow- mantled beauty of a Yellowstone winter.
    Flight Into Antarctic Darkness
    Navy airmen inaugurate regular flights by ski- equipped C- 130s from New Zealand to supply researchers at McMurdo Station.
    Buenos Aires, Argentina's Melting- pot Metropolis
    Europeans of every nationality and their descendants look for the good life in South America's largest urban area.
    New South Wales, the State That Cradled Australia
    Australia's most populous state, with the federal capital in Sydney, swells with immigrants seeking work in expanding factories.
    Dry- Land Fleet Sails the Sahara
    Driven by bright sails, 12 one- man vehicles challenge the rocky wasteland from Bechar, Algeria, to Nouakchott, Mauritania, on a month- long journey that delights desert- dwelling observers.
    Historic Color Portrait of Earth From Space
    A U. S. Department of Defense spacecraft named Dodge photographs Earth from 21, 000 miles out, making the first such pictures of our home planet.

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  • National Geographic May 1972

    Have Excavations on the Island of Thera Solved the Riddle of the Minoans? { Thera, Key to the Riddle of Minos}
    A volcanic cataclysm gutted Thera and devastated nearby Crete, and according to the author's theory, snuffed out Minoan culture in the ancient Mediterranean.
    Cairo, Troubled Capital of the Arab World
    Egypt's city of the ages copes with overpopulation, poverty, a plague of flies, and the explosive discord in the Middle East.
    The Spider That Lives Under Water
    Capturing bubbles of air at the surface, the water spider forms a dome of air held down by a web, creating an underwater hatchery for its young.
    Yellowstone at 100 { The Pitfalls of Success}
    Summertime congestion at Yellowstone National Park points up the dilemma of how to provide for a growing public while preserving natural wonders.
    Yellowstone at 100 { The Next 100 Years: A Master Plan for Yellowstone; A Master Plan for Yellowstone: The Next 100 Years}
    The director of the National Park Service unveils suggestions for providing facilities without sacrificing wilderness at Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.
    Yellowstone at 100 { Ageless Splendors of Our Oldest National Park}
    A photographic portfolio exposes the timeless forms of Yellowstone National Park.
    Yellowstone at 100 { A Walk Through the Wilderness}
    Following a 250- mile circuit young hikers explore the vast and little known outback of Yellowstone National Park.
    Living in a Japanese Village
    An inn on Futagami Jima, an island in the Inland Sea, serves as a window on traditional Japanese life, quickly vanishing under the impact of technological revolution.

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  • National Geographic August 1981

    The Untamed Yellowstone
    Fishermen and farmers, industrialists and Indians battle over the dividing and possible damming of the waters of one of the nation's last remaining wild rivers. By Bill Richards, with photographs by Dean Krakel II.
    Maya Art Discovered in Cave { Maya Art Treasures Discovered in Cave}
    Recently revealed glyphs and paintings attract scholars to a Guatemalan cavern for new insights into the culture's golden age. Unfortunately, looters come too. Staff archeologist George E. Stuart and Editor Wilbur E. Garrett report.
    Sharks: Magnificent and Misunderstood
    Amazing learning abilities, surprising mating practices, and extraordinary sensitivity to electric and magnetic fields are among recent discoveries about the ocean's most feared predators. Marine biologist Eugenie Clark and photographer David Doubilet e
    Molokai- -Forgotten Hawaii
    This small rural island where the action isn't is beginning to draw tourists and developers - - and divide the people who live there. By Ethel A. Starbird, photographs by Richard A. Cooke III.
    Finland's Capital Has Its Heart in the Country { Helsinki: City With Its Heart in the Country}
    Known globally for human- rights accords, Helsinki interlaces city skylines with rustic parklands for its half a million people. By Priit Vesilind and photographer Jodi Cobb.

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  • National Geographic February 1989

    The Great Yellowstone Fires { Yellowstone: The Great Fires of 1988}
    Last summer's conflagrations were but a chapter in the long natural history of Yellowstone National Park, but they ignited national debate over the hands- off fire- fighting policy of the Park Service. David Jeffery reports.
    Pioneer Photographer William Henry Jackson { The Life and Times of William Henry Jackson: Photographing the Frontier}
    He packed several lives into his 99 years - - artist, Union soldier, bullwhacker, and pioneer photographer whose first- ever pictures spotlighted the frontier West, including Yellowstone. Rowe Findley and photographer James L. Amos portray a prolific man
    At Home in Chicago's Hancock Center { At Home in the Hancock Center; Chicago's Hancock Center}
    In Chicago the world's sixth tallest building can claim a title that most of its competitors cannot - - a place to live. A. R. Williams and photographer Lynn Johnson profile a multiuse giant.
    Small- Town America: An Endangered Species?
    Griffin Smith, Jr. , reflects on a way of life that is passing. Forty years of photographs from the annual workshop of the University of Missouri School of Journalism mirror the changing and the changeless.
    Skyscrapers: Above the Crowd { Skyscrapers}
    Escaping horizontal congestion, these tallest of buildings are soaring monuments to the skill of architect and engineer. William S. Ellis and photographer Nathan Benn explore the towers, top to bottom.

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  • National Geographic April 1997

    Fig Trees { Borneo's Strangler Fig Trees}
    These tropical giants often kill their hosts, but their fruit sustains myriad island animals.
    Australia's Dog Fence { Traveling Australia's Dog Fence; Traveling the Australian Dog Fence}
    Stretching across the outback, the 3, 300- mile barrier protects sheep from dingoes - - but poses ecological dilemmas.
    Special Places: The Yellowstone { Yellowstone River; The Yellowstone, The Last Best River}
    Tumbling out of Yellowstone National Park, one of the West's last undammed rivers carves a fantastic landscape on its way to meet the Missouri.
    Moscow: The New Revolution
    Free enterprise is changing the complexion of Russia's cosmopolitan capital.
    Oil on Ice: Economic Boon, Environmental Disruption- -Alaska Weighs the Problem
    After 20 years, Alaska's North Slope gusher is slowing down, and the industry has its eye on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
    The Hubble Telescope { Hubble's Eye on the Universe; Time Exposures: The Hubble Telescope Views the Universe From Space}
    Astronomy's unmatched eye records the fringes of the universe from earth's orbit.

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  • National Geographic November 2003

    Guardian of the Sun God's Treasure { The Sun God's Treasurer; Mystery of the Sun God's Servant}
    The Sun God's Treasurer A lavish tomb records the rise and fall of a heretical pharaoh and the staying power of a savvy CFO. BY ALAIN ZIVIE PHOTOGRAPHS BY KENNETH GARRETT
    Afghanistan, Between War and Peace
    Afghanistan A nation shattered by wars, droughts, and earth- quakes looks for signs of stability amid an uneasy peace. BY EDWARD GIRARDET PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEVE McCURRY
    Cuba's Wild Side { Cuba Naturally}
    Cuba's Wild Side Known more for its music and politics than for its wildlife, Cuba in fact teems with unusual species, from tiny frogs and orchids to particularly feisty crocodiles. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEVE WINTER
    You' re Being Watched { Watching You: The World of High- Tech Surveillance}
    Watching You In our high- tech world, machines track personal records, see through walls, and screen facial features. Will electronic surveillance mean better security, or an end to privacy? BY DAVID SHENK PHOTOGRAPHS BY GEORGE STEINMETZ
    Fargo, ND: You Betcha { 58102: The Fargo That Wasn't in the Movie; ZipUSA: 58102; ZipUSA: Fargo, North Dakota}
    ZipUSA: 58102 Fargo, the 1996 movie, was filled with quirky characters and lots of snow. The film got the snow right, but North Dakota's largest city has a personality all its own. BY DAVID BEERS PHOTOGRAPHS BY NINA BERMAN
    Yellowstone and the Tetons { Yellowstone in Winter; Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks}
    Yellowstone and the Tetons Crowning the National Parks system, this grand expanse of jutting mountains, steaming geysers, and manifold animals stirs the soul. BY ALEXANDRA FULLER
    Back on the Burma Road { Burma Road; Blood, Sweat, and Toil Along the Burma Road}
    Burma Road Allied forces endured disease, monsoons, and Japanese attacks to build the infamous 1, 100- mile supply line that still winds through three nations- and old soldiers' memories. BY DONOVAN WEBSTER PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARIA STENZEL

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  • National Geographic August 2009

    Where the Salmon Rule

    Life is hard enough for the fish. Now politics threatens a Russian sanctuary.

    Will Yellowstone Blow Again?

    Its volcano last erupted 640,000 years ago. The future is anyone's guess.

    The Art of Deception

    See that four-inch twig on the floor of the forest? It's really an insect.

    Vanishing Venice

    Tourists flood the city. Residents flee.

    Queen Camel

    At an Abu Dhabi pageant, judges look for shiny hair, a long neck ... and a large and symmetrical hump.


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  • National Geographic May 2016


    Yellowstone; America's Wild Idea

    PART ONE: The Paradox of the Park

    What wilderness means to people - and how it is managed - has steadily changed since Yellowstone National Park was founded.

    It All Starts With Heat

    For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People

    PART TWO: Into the Backcountry

    Yellowstone has become a natural laboratory for tracing the delicate web of relationships that keep an ecosystem alive and healthy.

    The Carnivore Comeback

    Tracking the Wildlife Highways

    PART THREE: Living With the Wild

    Yellowstone's wildlife is adapting to its changing realities. Now people must adapt as well if the park is to remain untamed - and intact.

    The Dance of the Bison and Elk

    Land of the People

    EPILOGUE: The View From the Beginning

    { Special Poster } Yellowstone Elk Migrations, Supervolcano

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