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The Bible collection is a wonderful launching off point to discover articles that have appeared in The National Geographic Magazine over the years. Or purchase the curated collection at a discounted price.

  • National Geographic December 2018

    The Bible Hunters

    Archaeologists are on an urgent mission to save sacred texts.

    Native Americans Reclaim Their Stories

    Indigenous Americans are changing narratives that they call distorted.

    Paragonia's Pumas

    To ranchers, they're a costly predator; to tourists, an attraction.

    The Other Oil Crisis

    Palm oil is a coveted commodity around the world. Can it be sustainably produced?

    Our World, but Not Our Worldview

    Native Americans too often are caricatured in the U.S. - or are invisible.

    Heroes of the Philippines

    For sending wages from abroad to assist their families, returning Filipinos are celebrated.

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  • National Geographic December 2011

    The King James Bible: Making a Masterpiece

    How We Can Save Wild Tigers

    Images of Japan's Nuclear Zone

    Upstart Galaxies Flirt With the Milky Way

    The City Solution to Earth's Problems


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  • National Geographic June 2011

    Birth of Religion

    Turkey's 11,600-year-old pillars reflect a surprising new theory about the origins of worship.

    Africa's Super Park

    Cheetahs and elephants are lucky to live in the eco-minded nation of Namibia.

    Too Young to Wed

    The bride may be 14, 10, 5. The practice of child marriage is illegal - yet still thrives.

    Brimming Pools

    Rich and risky, tide pools host sea stars, anemones, harpooning worms.

    Can China Go Green?

    No other country is investing so heavily in clean energy. But no other country burns as much coal.

    Rare Earths

    They're the secret (Chinese) ingredients of (almost) everything high-tech.

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  • National Geographic July 1967

    Hopes and Fears in Booming Thailand
    Buoyed by an expanding economy, Southeast Asia's land of the free cooperates with the U. S. to fight communist guerrillas.
    Florence Rises From the Flood
    An army of experts and volunteers has salvaged Italian Renaissance masterpieces damaged by water and mud of the Arno River, turning tragedy to triumph.
    In Quest of the World's Largest Frog
    Oversized amphibians found only in Rio Muni and Cameroon are considered a delicacy by Bayele Pygmies.
    Lake Powell: Waterway to Desert Wonders
    Colorado River water backed up by Glen Canyon Dam creates a many- armed lake in southern Utah, a boon to recreationists.
    England's Scillies, the Flowering Isles
    The Gulf Stream warms the tiny islands off the tip of Cornwall, nourishing daffodils in December and gardens year- round.

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  • National Geographic February 1944

    Great Stone Faces of Easter Island
    These photographs show Easter Island's people as well as the mysterious heads carved from volcanic rock, that dot the South Pacific island.
    Life Story of the Mosquito
    Mosquitoes, members of the most primitive division of flies, pass through four stages of insect life: egg, larva, pupa, and adult.
    Saboteur Mosquitoes
    Because mosquitoes can transmit diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, and dengue to soldiers, entomologists and chemists must provide the armed forces with repellents and insecticides.
    On the Trail of King Solomon's Mines: The Bible, in Addition to Its Spiritual Values, Continues to Prove a Rich Geography and Guide to Exploration of the Holy Land
    Guided by Bedouin and the Bible's historical account of the Holy Land, archaeologists discover evidence of King Solomon's copper and iron mines in the Wadi al' Arabah, and the site of the ancient port city of Ezion- geber.
    The Land Columbus Loved
    Visited many times by Columbus, the Caribbean island of Hispaniola is shared by the French- speaking people of Haiti and the Spanish- speaking people of the Dominican Republic.
    Paricutín, the Cornfield That Grew a Volcano
    Near the Mexican village of Paricutin, a volcanic cone rose from a farmer's cornfield and erupted in 1943, offering scientists an opportunity to study the birth of a volcano.

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  • National Geographic December 1938

    Canaries and Other Cage- Bird Friends
    More than 35 varieties of canaries and finches are described here.
    Change Comes to Bible Lands
    The countries of the Near East are shifting from the customs of the past to the technology of the future; unfortunately, some countries are being transformed by strife.
    Marvels of Metamorphosis: A Scientific G- man Pursues Rare Trapdoor Spider Parasites for Three Years With a Spade and a Candid Camera
    Armed with a powerful photgraphic microscope, a scientist studies the parasites that afflict the trapdoor spider of southern California.
    The Garden Isles of Scilly: Geologists May Throw Stones at Legend of Lost Lyonnesse, But Natives Grow Flowers in Glass Houses for London
    Battered by rough seas yet abundant with flowers, the Scilly Isles off the coast of England were according to legend, part of Lyonnesse, a land bridge to Cornwall that was buried by the sea after King Arthur's death.

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