National Geographic December 1956


Springtime Comes to Yellowstone National Park
A much- loved landscape shows its most compelling beauty in spring, when geothermal activity hotly bubbles against a snowy backdrop.
Exploring the Farthest Reaches of Space
Palomar astronomer George O. Abell explains how a newly completed survey of the heavens expands known space at least 25 times, revealing millions of galaxies beyond the Milky Way.
Sky Survey Charts the Universe
The National Geographic Society- Palomar Observatory Sky Atlas is complete with images made possible by a telescope that can photograph a candle flame 10, 000 miles distant.
Raccoon: Amiable Rogue in a Black Mask: Tough, Curious, and Unawed by Man or Dog, This Bear- faced Rascal Shows a Sense of Humor and Takes Civilization in Stride
Tough, curious, and unawed by man or dog, this bear- faced rascal shows a sense of humor and takes civilization in stride.
Tasmania, Australia’s Island State: The Look of the English Countryside Greets Nostalgic Britons in a Land Made Prosperous by Rich Soil and Abundant Power
The look of the English countryside greets nostalgic Britons in a land made prosperous by rich soil and abundant power.
Florida’s Wild Indians, the Seminole: Descendants of Warriors Who Fought the U. S. Army to a Standstill, These Tribesmen Still Acknowledge No Treaty with the Government
The author sketches the history of these Native Americans and records the traditions preserved by a thousand surviving individuals.
Jerusalem to Rome in the Path of St. Paul
Staff writer Dave S. Boyer traces the steps of the Apostle Paul, noting biblical sites, some documented from early Christianity and some taken on faith.

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