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Covering Africa, China, Australia, Ireland, Russia and Mexico the Global Collection serves as the perfect jumping off point. Purchase the collection and start exploring today.

  • National Geographic May 2008

    Building Boom { The New Great Walls}
    Beijing is building up for the Olympics. By Ted C. Fishman Photographs by Greg Girard
    The Road Ahead
    Despite the bumps, there's no end in sight. By Peter Hessler Photographs by Fritz Hoffmann
    Gilded Age { Gilded Age, Gilded Cage}
    A new middle class means aspiration- and anxiety. By Leslie T Chang Photographs by Randy Olson
    Guizhou Village { Village on the Edge of Time}
    In Dimen, yesterday and today are merging. By Amy Tan Photographs by Lynn Johnson
    China: Inside the Dragon { China's Journey}
    The great nation is on the move. By Peter Hessler Photographs by Fritz Hoffmann
    Yellow River { Bitter Waters}
    Can China save the Yellow- its Mother River? By Brook Larmer Photographs by Greg Girard


    CHINA: JOURNEY OF ROCK AND WATER(20 1/8 inches x 31)
    Errata: The September 2008 NGM notes that the description of the People' s Requblic of China as the fourth largest country, only slightly smaller than the United States, is based on land and inland- water area and excludes Taiwan; also, construction of
    THE FORBIDDEN CITY(20 1/8 inches x 31)
    Errata: The September 2008 NGM notes that the end of hte Qianlong emperor' s reign was 1796. ; Included: Drawing of the 1889 wedding celebration of the Guangxu Emperor, featuring the Forbidden City' s Hall of Supreme Harmony, the Dragon Throne, and detai

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  • National Geographic September 2005

    Oil Boon { African Oil: Whose Bonanza? }
    Oil Boon In a continent where natural resources are often plun- dered to the detriment of ordinary people, impoverished Chad- the new oil frontier- could become a model of fairness. BY NICK KOTCH PHOTOGRAPHS BY PASCAL MAITRE AND ED KASHI
    Living with AIDS
    Living With AIDS For one group of HIV- positive South Africans, potent drugs and changing attitudes offer new hope. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY GIDEON MENDEL
    Inventing Nairobi { Nairobi; Inventing a City: Nairobi}
    Inventing Nairobi The nearly three million residents of Kenya's burgeoning capital are reshaping a uniquely African city. BY BINYAVANGA WAINAINA PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID ALAN HARVEY
    Ituri Pygmies { Ituri Pygmies: Who Rules the Forest? }
    Who Rules the Forest? The Mbuti Pygmies of Congo's Ituri forest have survived a brutal civil war and chaotic aftermath. But peace- with its inevitable land rush- poses an even greater threat. BY PAUL SALOPEK PHOTOGRAPHS BY RANDY OLSON
    African Wildlife { Spirit of the Wild}
    Spirit of the Wild The fate of Africa's great animals remains uncertain- and entirely in human hands. BY DAVID QUAMMEN
    The Human Footprint { Views of the Continent; Tracing the Human Footprint}
    Views of the Continent Armed with two small planes and infinite determination, explorer and conservationist J. Michael Fay set out to create an unprecedented record of human impact on the land. BY DAVID QUAMMEN PHOTOGRAPHS BY GEORGE STEINMETZ MAP SUPPLEM
    Return to Zambia { Zambia; Return to Zambia: We Just Want Enough }
    Return to Zambia On a visit home, an African writer travels from remote valley to village to city, contemplating the relationship between people and wildlife. BY ALEXANDRA FULLER PHOTOGRAPHS BY LYNN JOHNSON


    AFRICA: THE HUMAN FOOTPRINT(24 1/4 x 22 1/4 inches)
    Included: Human Footprint map of Africa reflecting human impact on the continent; measures of human impact are population density; road, rail and waterway networks; land use; and electric power grids. ; Also included: Inset Human Footprint map of the wor
    AFRICA: A STORIED LANDSCAPE(24 1/4 x 22 1/4 inches)
    Included: Map of Africa based on satellite images revealing landscapes formed by a mosaic of ecosystems; inset outline map showing Africa' s most distant offshore nations- -Cape Verde, Mauritius, and Seychelles; an inset vertical map strip of the contine

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  • National Geographic November 2001

    Hippos: An African Spring Comes Alive { Kenya's Mzima Spring; Kenya's Mzima Spring Comes Alive}
    Kenya's Mzima Spring In a protected oasis of clear pools, hippos choreograph a remarkable dance of life, joined by dung- eating fish, fish- spearing birds, and contented crocodiles. ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARK DEEBLE AND VICTORIA STONE
    Evolution of Whales: Strange Route to the Sea { Evolution of Whales}
    Evolution of Whales Earth's largest animals are sometimes born with a leg or two, a startling genetic reminder of the time, 50 million years ago, when their ancestors walked on dry land. BY DOUGLAS H. CHADWICK PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CLARK ART BY SHAWN GO
    King Cobras: Deadly Idols { King Cobras: Feared, Revered}
    King Cobras Capable of killing an elephant, these shy Asian forest dwellers have become entwined with some unflappable humans. ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY MATTIAS KLUM
    Pyramids: Who Built Them? { The Pyramid Builders}
    The Pyramid Builders An ancient city and graveyard reveal that free men and women- not slaves- toiled on the pharaohs'tombs. BY VIRGINIA MORELL PHOTOGRAPHS BY KENNETH GARRETT
    Russia: Ten Years After { Russia Rising}
    Russia Rising Clambering from the collapse of the U. S. S. R. , Russia has emerged a decade later with four- star restaurants, cyber- cafes, Santa Claus- and social ills. Can it speed its halting progress? BY FEN MONTAIGNE PHOTOGRAPHS BY GERD LUDWIG
    Steelville, MO: The Zip in the Middle { ZipUSA: 65565: The Middle of America; ZipUSA: Steelville, Missouri}
    ZipUSA: Steelville, Missouri Heart of the country, this Ozarks town gets by on what the creeks and woods offer. BY PETER DE ] ONGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY WILLIAM ALBERT ALLARD
    Auroras: Heavenly Lights { Earth's Grand Light Show; Auroras: Earth's Grand Show of Lights}
    Earth's Grand Light Show Splashing the sky with radiant hues, auroras can crash power grids and satellite systems even as they delight scientists and spectators with their glowing gases. BY KENNY TAYLOR

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  • National Geographic February 1988

    Living in Two Worlds: The First Australians { The First Australians: Living in Two Worlds}
    Life is a balancing act for Aborigines who struggle to maintain their unique cultural heritage in the modern world.
    Sydney's Changing Face
    A photo- essay of Australia's immigrants. Photos by Mary Ellen Mark.
    Children of the First Fleet
    Banished to the farthest corner of the earth, a cargo of British convicts inaugurated a nation when they landed at Sydney on January 26, 1788. One of those aboard the infamous First Fleet was Matthew Everingham, transported for stealing two law books. ;D
    Australia at 200
    On the eve of its bicentennial, Australia reveals itself as a nation embracing inevitable change and promising opportunities for the future.
    Portraits of the Land
    Rust red sand underlies the heart of Australia, where the huge monoliths known as the Olgas shoulder above spinifex and grevillea. This old and worn continent has a look like no other - - celebrated in this portfolio by poets and others, both the native
    Child of Gondwana
    165 million years ago Australia was part of a massive landmass refered to as Gondwana. Today this southern continent stands alone, boasting a unique diversity of plant and animals species.

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  • National Geographic September 1994

    Inner Japan
    Serenity lingers in the villages and lush valleys of Japan's western slope, where rice farmers and artisans honor the nation's ideals of family, tradition, simplicity.
    Ireland on Fast- Forward
    On emerald pastures, livestock grazes in the shadow of factories. Manufacturing now surpasses farming in the island nation, where hopes for the future crowd out dreams of a romantic past.
    The Sonoran Desert: Anything But Empty
    This parched realm of cactuses and pronghorns that straddles California, Arizona, and Mexico, faces increasing development. A double map supplement highlights Mexico's cultural heritage.
    Fantasy Coffins of Ghana: To Heaven by Land, Sea, or Air
    With a new funerary tradition - - brightly painted coffins shaped like animals, airplanes, and luxury autos - - Ghanaians honor the dead and celebrate their lives.
    Crimea: Pearl of a Fallen Empire
    Resort for tsars and commissars and headquarters of the Soviet's Black Sea Fleet, the historic peninsula is the prize in today's tug- of- war between Russia and Ukraine.

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  • National Geographic August 1996

    Monterrey: Confronting the Future
    Traditional Mexican characteristics - - family values and a willingness to work - - have combined with the city's proximity to the United States to create a strong and prosperous business community, now struggling with the country's economic downturn.
    Chiapas: Rough Road to Reality
    In the poor state of Chiapas, revolution is afoot. The Zapatistas, a group of rebel Indian Farmers, have declared war on the Mexican government and demanded the land reform pledged by Mexico's 1917 constitution.
    Yucatan Peninsula: Maya Heart, Modern Face
    The Yucatan countryside, populated with 900, 000 indigenous Maya, is emptying as the peninsula's beach resorts draw foreign tourists and offer promising jobs.
    Tijuana and the Border: Magnet of Opportunity
    Mexico's border cities lure foreign investors with cheap labor and proximity to U. S. markets, while beckoning workers from across Mexico with a chance for a new beginning.
    Heartland and the Pacific: Eternal Mexico
    Harsh economic realities are unable to shake the ancient foundations of family and society in the heartland of Mexico.
    Veracruz: Gateway to the World { Illustrations text}
    Rich in oil, seafood, and cultures drawn from distant lands, Veracruz is also a world of back- road virtues where tradition reigns.
    Sierra Madre: Backbone of the Frontier
    The rough and forbidding Mother Mountains of the West have long proven a haven for reclusive Indians and a diversity of wildlife. The existence of both is being forever altered by incursions of timber companies and narcotics traffickers in this shrink; i
    Mexico City: Pushing the Limits
    Once elegant and sedate, Mexico City is now a sprawling megacity of at least 16 million people. Though poverty and unemployment are rampant, migrants pour in daily from the provinces hoping to find jobs and prosperity.
    Emerging Mexico: Bright with Promise, Tangled in the Past
    A team of National Geographic correspondents travels the length and breadth of Mexico to learn how its people are facing the current economic and political crisis - - and shaping a promising future.

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