National Geographic April 1997


Fig Trees { Borneo’s Strangler Fig Trees}
These tropical giants often kill their hosts, but their fruit sustains myriad island animals.
Australia’s Dog Fence { Traveling Australia’s Dog Fence; Traveling the Australian Dog Fence}
Stretching across the outback, the 3, 300- mile barrier protects sheep from dingoes – – but poses ecological dilemmas.
Special Places: The Yellowstone { Yellowstone River; The Yellowstone, The Last Best River}
Tumbling out of Yellowstone National Park, one of the West’s last undammed rivers carves a fantastic landscape on its way to meet the Missouri.
Moscow: The New Revolution
Free enterprise is changing the complexion of Russia’s cosmopolitan capital.
Oil on Ice: Economic Boon, Environmental Disruption- -Alaska Weighs the Problem
After 20 years, Alaska’s North Slope gusher is slowing down, and the industry has its eye on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
The Hubble Telescope { Hubble’s Eye on the Universe; Time Exposures: The Hubble Telescope Views the Universe From Space}
Astronomy’s unmatched eye records the fringes of the universe from earth’s orbit.

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