National Geographic November 2003


Guardian of the Sun God’s Treasure { The Sun God’s Treasurer; Mystery of the Sun God’s Servant}
The Sun God’s Treasurer A lavish tomb records the rise and fall of a heretical pharaoh and the staying power of a savvy CFO. BY ALAIN ZIVIE PHOTOGRAPHS BY KENNETH GARRETT
Afghanistan, Between War and Peace
Afghanistan A nation shattered by wars, droughts, and earth- quakes looks for signs of stability amid an uneasy peace. BY EDWARD GIRARDET PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEVE McCURRY
Cuba’s Wild Side { Cuba Naturally}
Cuba’s Wild Side Known more for its music and politics than for its wildlife, Cuba in fact teems with unusual species, from tiny frogs and orchids to particularly feisty crocodiles. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEVE WINTER
You’ re Being Watched { Watching You: The World of High- Tech Surveillance}
Watching You In our high- tech world, machines track personal records, see through walls, and screen facial features. Will electronic surveillance mean better security, or an end to privacy? BY DAVID SHENK PHOTOGRAPHS BY GEORGE STEINMETZ
Fargo, ND: You Betcha { 58102: The Fargo That Wasn’t in the Movie; ZipUSA: 58102; ZipUSA: Fargo, North Dakota}
ZipUSA: 58102 Fargo, the 1996 movie, was filled with quirky characters and lots of snow. The film got the snow right, but North Dakota’s largest city has a personality all its own. BY DAVID BEERS PHOTOGRAPHS BY NINA BERMAN
Yellowstone and the Tetons { Yellowstone in Winter; Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks}
Yellowstone and the Tetons Crowning the National Parks system, this grand expanse of jutting mountains, steaming geysers, and manifold animals stirs the soul. BY ALEXANDRA FULLER
Back on the Burma Road { Burma Road; Blood, Sweat, and Toil Along the Burma Road}
Burma Road Allied forces endured disease, monsoons, and Japanese attacks to build the infamous 1, 100- mile supply line that still winds through three nations- and old soldiers’ memories. BY DONOVAN WEBSTER PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARIA STENZEL

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