National Geographic May 1972


Have Excavations on the Island of Thera Solved the Riddle of the Minoans? { Thera, Key to the Riddle of Minos}
A volcanic cataclysm gutted Thera and devastated nearby Crete, and according to the author’s theory, snuffed out Minoan culture in the ancient Mediterranean.
Cairo, Troubled Capital of the Arab World
Egypt’s city of the ages copes with overpopulation, poverty, a plague of flies, and the explosive discord in the Middle East.
The Spider That Lives Under Water
Capturing bubbles of air at the surface, the water spider forms a dome of air held down by a web, creating an underwater hatchery for its young.
Yellowstone at 100 { The Pitfalls of Success}
Summertime congestion at Yellowstone National Park points up the dilemma of how to provide for a growing public while preserving natural wonders.
Yellowstone at 100 { The Next 100 Years: A Master Plan for Yellowstone; A Master Plan for Yellowstone: The Next 100 Years}
The director of the National Park Service unveils suggestions for providing facilities without sacrificing wilderness at Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.
Yellowstone at 100 { Ageless Splendors of Our Oldest National Park}
A photographic portfolio exposes the timeless forms of Yellowstone National Park.
Yellowstone at 100 { A Walk Through the Wilderness}
Following a 250- mile circuit young hikers explore the vast and little known outback of Yellowstone National Park.
Living in a Japanese Village
An inn on Futagami Jima, an island in the Inland Sea, serves as a window on traditional Japanese life, quickly vanishing under the impact of technological revolution.

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