National Geographic February 1989


The Great Yellowstone Fires { Yellowstone: The Great Fires of 1988}
Last summer’s conflagrations were but a chapter in the long natural history of Yellowstone National Park, but they ignited national debate over the hands- off fire- fighting policy of the Park Service. David Jeffery reports.
Pioneer Photographer William Henry Jackson { The Life and Times of William Henry Jackson: Photographing the Frontier}
He packed several lives into his 99 years – – artist, Union soldier, bullwhacker, and pioneer photographer whose first- ever pictures spotlighted the frontier West, including Yellowstone. Rowe Findley and photographer James L. Amos portray a prolific man
At Home in Chicago’s Hancock Center { At Home in the Hancock Center; Chicago’s Hancock Center}
In Chicago the world’s sixth tallest building can claim a title that most of its competitors cannot – – a place to live. A. R. Williams and photographer Lynn Johnson profile a multiuse giant.
Small- Town America: An Endangered Species?
Griffin Smith, Jr. , reflects on a way of life that is passing. Forty years of photographs from the annual workshop of the University of Missouri School of Journalism mirror the changing and the changeless.
Skyscrapers: Above the Crowd { Skyscrapers}
Escaping horizontal congestion, these tallest of buildings are soaring monuments to the skill of architect and engineer. William S. Ellis and photographer Nathan Benn explore the towers, top to bottom.

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