National Geographic August 1981


The Untamed Yellowstone
Fishermen and farmers, industrialists and Indians battle over the dividing and possible damming of the waters of one of the nation’s last remaining wild rivers. By Bill Richards, with photographs by Dean Krakel II.
Maya Art Discovered in Cave { Maya Art Treasures Discovered in Cave}
Recently revealed glyphs and paintings attract scholars to a Guatemalan cavern for new insights into the culture’s golden age. Unfortunately, looters come too. Staff archeologist George E. Stuart and Editor Wilbur E. Garrett report.
Sharks: Magnificent and Misunderstood
Amazing learning abilities, surprising mating practices, and extraordinary sensitivity to electric and magnetic fields are among recent discoveries about the ocean’s most feared predators. Marine biologist Eugenie Clark and photographer David Doubilet e
Molokai- -Forgotten Hawaii
This small rural island where the action isn’t is beginning to draw tourists and developers – – and divide the people who live there. By Ethel A. Starbird, photographs by Richard A. Cooke III.
Finland’s Capital Has Its Heart in the Country { Helsinki: City With Its Heart in the Country}
Known globally for human- rights accords, Helsinki interlaces city skylines with rustic parklands for its half a million people. By Priit Vesilind and photographer Jodi Cobb.

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