National Geographic June 1940


Where Nature Runs Riot: On Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Marine Animals Grow to Unusual Size, Develop Strange Weapons of Attack and Defense, and Acquire Brilliant Colors
Largest of all coral reefs, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef stretches 1, 250 miles and is the habitat of many sea creatures, including giant turtles and poisonous stonefish.
Seeing Our Spanish Southwest
Four hundred years after Spanish explorers marveled at the beauty of the American Southwest, tourists begin to discover its canyons, ancient cliff dwellings, and petrified forests.
Aerial Color Photography Becomes a War Weapon
Snapped from planes flying 200 miles an hour, color photographs can reveal the location of enemy troops 1, 000 to 3, 000 feet below.
Rural Sweden Through American Eyes: A Visitor in Peacetime Finds Warmth, Welcome, and Strange Folkways On a Century- old Farm
An American woman visits a traditional Swedish farm, where peasants harvest crops, churn butter, pick berries, carve wooden horses, crochet, and prepare delicious meals in busy kitchens.
Fabulous Yellowstone: Even Stranger Than the Tales of Early Trappers is the Truth About This Steaming Wonderland
High in the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone National Park protects the bears, elk, and bison who roam its 3, 472 square miles of steaming geysers, colorful hot springs, turquoise pools, and waterfalls.

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