2003 January – June


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  • National Geographic January 2003

    Inside Egypt's Secret Vaults { Egypt's Forgotten Treasures}
    Egypt's Forgotten Treasures They' ve opened the vaults. An exclusive look at Cairo's Egyptian Museum centennial exhibit includes stunning antiquities on display for the first time ever. BY ZAHI HAWASS PHOTOGRAPHS BY KENNETH GARRETT
    Weaving the Future { Dreamweavers}
    Dreamweavers The textiles of tomorrow are still on the drawing board. But one day- maybe not so long from now- they could take humans to outer space, make soldiers invisible, keep people in touch with their friends, and move buildings. BY CATHY NEWMAN PH
    Strangest Volcano on Earth? { Ol Doinyo Lengai}
    Strangest Volcano on Earth? In a remote corner of Tanzania stands an astonishing mountain called 01 Ioinyo Lengai, where lava fountains harden in midair then shatter like glass. BY JOEL K. BOURNE, ] R. PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARSTEN PETER
    Japan's Winter Wildlife { When the Frost Lies White: Japan's Winter Wildlife}
    Japan's Winter Wildlife A frosted stage gathers red- crowned cranes, whooper swans, sika deer, and snow monkeys. Can Japan turn an ancient reverence for its animals into modern conservation? BY JENNIFER ACKERMAN PHOTOGRAPHS BY TIM LAMAN
    45701: One Day, 114 Cameras { Photo Olympics: Athens, OH; ZipUSA: Athens, Ohio}
    ZipUSA: Athens, Ohio And they' re offi From dawn to dusk one cloudy day, 114 photography students at Ohio University head out to document a rural zip, and learn a few things along the way. BY LARRY NIGHSWANDER
    China's Great Wall { Driving the Great Wall; The Great Wall; Chasing the Wall}
    The Great Wall Over the centuries the Chinese built not one wall but a vast network of walls to keep foreigners out. Now two foreigners, a writer and a photographer, set off on an unprecedented mission: to follow as much of the walls as they can by car,

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  • National Geographic February 2003

    Discovering the First Galaxies { Galaxy Hunters: The Search for Cosmic Dawn}
    Galaxy Hunters A new breed of scientists leads a cosmic revolution in thinking how the universe came to be. BY RON COWEN
    New Light on Deep Sea Vents { Dawn in the Deep}
    Dawn in the Deep It's always night in the world of sea vents- until a film crew summons the power to illuminate the abyss. BY RICHARD A. LUTZ PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEPHEN LOW PRODUCTIONS AND EMORY KRISTOF
    Survivors { The Nuba: Still Standing}
    Survivors Outcasts in their own land, Sudan's Nuba hold on. BY KAREN E. LANGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY MEREDITH DAVENPORT
    Vancouver Island's Circle of Life { Pacific Suite}
    Pacific Suite From wolves to whales, from rain forests to tidal flats- Vancouver Island's Clayoquot Sound has them all. BY DOUGLAS H. CHADWICK PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOEL SARTORE
    Lewis and Clark's Pathfinder { Sacagawea; Searching for Sacagawea}
    Sacagawea What we know about her: She was a teenage mother and a valued interpreter for Lewis and Clark. What we don't know about her: Almost everything else. BY MARGARET TALBOT PHOTOGRAPHS BY CHRIS JOHNS ART BY DAVID GROVE
    Behind the Lines in Shattered Sudan { Shattered Sudan: Drilling for Oil, Hoping for Peace}
    Shattered Sudan An oil pipeline fuels the unforgiving heart of a seemingly endless war. It may also be a means to peace. BY PAUL SALOPEK PHOTOGRAPHS BY RANDY OLSON
    83422: All Eyes on Idaho's Finest { ZipUSA: Driggs, Idaho}
    ZipUSA: Driggs, Idaho Billionaires, Mormon potato farmers, and skateboarders share an uncommon home in 83422. BY TOM DWORETZKY PHOTOGRAPHS BY NINA BERMAN
    Knots { On the Wing From Arctic to Australia; Unraveling the Knots; Birds That Go To Extremes}
    Unraveling the Knots How do these Arctic- breeding shore- birds take the heat of a summer home in Australia's sizzling tropics? BY JOHN L. ELIOT PHOTOGRAPHS BY JAN VAN DE KAM

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  • National Geographic March 2003

    Puerto Rico: The State of the Island { Puerto Rico's Divided Passions; True Colors: Divided Loyalties in Puerto Rico}
    Puerto Rico's Divided Passions As citizens they love their country; they also love their island home. Fifty years after becoming residents of a de facto U. S. colony, Puerto Ricans are rethinking the commonwealth's future. BY ANDREW COCKBURN PHOTOGRAPH
    Dinosaurs: Cracking the Mystery of How They Lived { Dinosaurs Come Alive; Flesh and Bone: A New Generation of Scientists Brings Dinosaurs Back to Life}
    Dinosaurs Come Alive Step aside, bone diggers and fossil hunters, a new generation of scientists is using computer modeling and a better understanding of living animals to bring dinosaurs back to life- virtually. BY JOEL ACHENBACH PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT C
    73106: Lemongrass on the Prairie { Zip USA: 73106; ZipUSA: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma}
    ZipUSA: 73106 You won't find steak houses in this corner of Oklahoma City. In Little Saigon, noodle shops reign. BY FRANK BROWNING PHOTOGRAPHS BY PENNY DE LOS SANTOS
    Sky- High in Wildest Alaska { Wrangell- St. Elias National Park; Alaska's Giant of Ice and Stone: Wrangell- St. Elias National Park}
    Alaska's Giant of Ice and Stone Solitude seems as tangi- ble as the mountains in immense Wrangell- St. Elias National Park. This first in a series on American Landscapes surveys a wilderness of unyielding harshness and unbridled majesty. BY ] OHN G. MIT
    Hotspot: Islands of the Pacific { Pacific Hotspot; Islands of the Pacific}
    Hotspot: Islands of the Pacific Take 1, 400 remote specks of land, colonize them with migrant species, then wait a few millen- nia. That's the recipe for biodiversity in the tropical Pacific. BY MICHAEL PARFIT PHOTOGRAPHS BY TIM LAMAN
    Qatar { Qatar's Move Toward Democracy; Revolution From the Top Down: Qatar}
    Revolution From the Top Down First he overthrew his father. Now the ruler of the rich Persian Gulf nation of Qatar strives to modernize a conservative Islamic society by royal decree. BY MARY ANNE WEAVER PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBB KENDRICK


    A TRAVELER' S MAP OF THE WEST INDIES(20 1/8 x 31 1/8 inches)
    Contents: Map of the West Indies; airports, beaches, casinos, cruise ports, historic sites, and protected areas noted; insets with maps, notes, area, population, capital, languages, currency, and government. ; Included: Illustrations: Soper' s Hole, Brit
    WEST INDIES(20 1/8 x 31 1/8 inches)
    Contents: Map of the West Indies with notes; insets with maps and illustrations. ; Included: Paintings of George Town, Havana Bay, and old San Juan. ; Also included: Cayman Islands National Museum; Cayman Trench; name origins of Haiti and hurricane; Tai

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  • National Geographic April 2003

    Galen Rowell's Final Trek { Walking the Chang Tang; 275 Miles on Foot Through the Remote Chang Tang}
    Walking the Chang Tang In photographer Galen Rowell's final assignment, four mountaineers set out for the remote calving grounds of the endangered Tibetan antelope. BY RICK RIDGEWAY PHOTOGRAPHS BY GALEN ROWELL
    Caves of Oman { Dizzying Drop Into the Caves of Oman; Depth Chargers: Caves of Oman}
    Caves of Oman Deep in Arabia, scientists descend into some of the world's largest caverns. Their mission: To see if tourists could one day explore Oman's caves without putting their lives on the line. BY GREGORY CROUCH PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEPHEN L. ALVAREZ
    Jane Goodall Returns to the Wild { Update: Lessons from Gombe, Tanzania; What's New at Gombe; Fifi Fights Back}
    What's New at Gombe Forty- three years after Jane Goodall first set foot in the forests of Africa, Fifi is a mom again, Frodo is the alpha male, and Gremlin is teaching her twins to fish for termites. BY JANE GOODALL PHOTOGRAPHS BY ANUP SHAH
    France's Island Paradox { Paradox Island; Corsica: France's Paradox Island}
    Paradox Island On the map, the Mediterranean island of Cor- sica belongs to France. In their hearts, many Corsicans aren't so sure. BY PETER ROSS RANGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY BRUNO BARBEY
    Jane Goodall in the Wild { Journey: New Hope in Goualougo, Congo; Jane: In the Forest Again}
    Jane Goodall in the Wild The famed primatologist meets the chimpanzees of the Congo's Goualougo Triangle, animals so isolated they have no fear of humans- at least for now. BY DAVID QUAMMEN PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL NICHOLS
    The Rise of Mammals: Mothers of Us All { The Rise of Mammals}
    The Rise of Mammals Once upon a time, a warm- blooded, milk- producing, fur- covered beast was born. Since then, mammals have conquered every habitat on Earth. This is their story- our story. BY RICK GORE PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CLARK ART BY KENNIS AND KEN
    Augusta in Black And White { 30904: Playing the Fairway; ZipUSA: 30904; ZipUSA: Augusta, Georgia}
    ZipUSA: 30904 Augusta, Georgia, home of the well- heeled Masters, is simply down- home to area residents. BY RALPH WILEY PHOTOGRAPHS BY JONATHAN ERNST

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  • National Geographic May 2003

    Everest 50 { Sir Edmund Hillary Recalls 50 Years on Top of the World; Sir Edmund Remembers; Everest 50: My Story}
    Sir Edmund Remembers Which accomplishment gives him the greatest pride? Surprise: It's not the climb.
    Everest 50 { Life and Death on Everest; Everest: 50 Years and Counting}
    The world hasn't been the same since Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay stepped onto Mount Everest's snowy peak on May 29, 1953. More than a thousand climbers have Followed them to the summit. Nearly 200 others have per- ished in the attempt.
    Maya Royal Treasure { Aguateca: New Revelations of the Maya Elite}
    Aguateca Under enemy attack, a Maya king and his courtiers fled their city, leaving astonishing pieces of their lives behind.
    Kentucky Horse Country { High Stakes in the Bluegrass}
    High Stakes in the Bluegrass Million- dollar miscarriages have Kentucky horse breeders running scared. 
    Mayflies { Molt, Mate, Die: The Brief, Lusty Life of the Mayfly}
    Mayflies With just hours to live, these swarming insects on Hungary's Tisza River have only one thing on their minds.
    Mail by the Pail { ZipUSA: 48222 Detroit, Michigan}
     Mail call afloat on the Great Lakes.
    Everest 50 { Why Sherpas Thrive; Everest 50: The Sherpas}
    The Sherpas It's their mountain, and ever since tourists started pouring in, it's their livelihood too.
    Everest 50 { Not Your Average Hero; Everest 50: The Hero}
    Not Your Average Hero Why a beekeeper from New Zealand was the right man for the job.
    Everest 50 { Everest's Greatest Hits; Everest 50: The History}
    Everest's Greatest Hits An illustrated history spanning 150 years of mountain milestones.
    Everest 50 { Altitude and the Death Zone; How Altitude Kills; Everest 50: The Body- -Adjust or Die}
    Altitude and the Death Zone Above 26, 000 feet the human body starts to shut down.

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  • National Geographic June 2003

    Boundary Waters Summer { Minnesota Wilderness; Boundary Waters}
    Boundary Waters Summer Next stop in the American Landscape series: the beguiling wilds of northern Minnesota. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY ] IM BRANDENBURG
    A Photographer's Journal { Baghdad Before the Bombs}
    Baghdad Before the Bombs In the run- up to war, a photog- rapher trains her camera on a city about to be changed forever. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEXANDRA BOULAT
    India's Untouchables { Untouchables; Untouchable}
    Untouchables Discrimination against India's lowest Hindu castes is technically illegal. But try telling that to the 160 million Untouchables, who face violent reprisals if they forget their place. BY TOM O' NEILL PHOTOGRAPHS BY WILLIAM ALBERT ALLARD
    Harbor Porpoise Rescue { Harbor Porpoises Swimming Free; Harbor Porpoises: Swimming to Safety}
    Harbor Porpoise Rescue Scientists and fishermen in the North Atlantic join forces to save the elusive cetacean. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY BILL CURTSINGER
    02577: Ah, Summertime. .. { ZipUSA: 02577; ZipUSA: Color- blind on Martha's Vineyard; ZipUSA: Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts}
    ZipUSA: 02557 Warm nights and open arms in Oak Bluffs, a corner of Martha's Vineyard where African- American roots run deep. BY PERRY GARFINKEL PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARY WOLINSKY
    Killer Caterpillars: Built to Eat Flesh
    Killer Caterpillars These rarely seen crawlers use stealth, seduction, and brute strength to get away with murder. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY DARLYNE A. MURAWSKI
    High Road Across the Andes { Peru's Highway of Dreams; Peru's Long Haul: Highway to Riches or Ruin? }
    Peru's Highway of Dreams A new road connecting Amazonia to the Pacific could bring riches- and ecological ruin. BY TED CONOVER PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARIA STENZEL
    Masters of Gold { Unearthing Siberian Gold; Siberia's Scythians: Masters of Gold}
    Masters of Gold Artless barbarians? Hardly. The Scythian horsemen of the ancient Siberian steppe had a golden touch. BY MIKE EDWARDS PHOTOGRAPHS BY SISSE BRIMBERG

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