National Geographic April 2003


Galen Rowell’s Final Trek { Walking the Chang Tang; 275 Miles on Foot Through the Remote Chang Tang}
Walking the Chang Tang In photographer Galen Rowell’s final assignment, four mountaineers set out for the remote calving grounds of the endangered Tibetan antelope. BY RICK RIDGEWAY PHOTOGRAPHS BY GALEN ROWELL
Caves of Oman { Dizzying Drop Into the Caves of Oman; Depth Chargers: Caves of Oman}
Caves of Oman Deep in Arabia, scientists descend into some of the world’s largest caverns. Their mission: To see if tourists could one day explore Oman’s caves without putting their lives on the line. BY GREGORY CROUCH PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEPHEN L. ALVAREZ
Jane Goodall Returns to the Wild { Update: Lessons from Gombe, Tanzania; What’s New at Gombe; Fifi Fights Back}
What’s New at Gombe Forty- three years after Jane Goodall first set foot in the forests of Africa, Fifi is a mom again, Frodo is the alpha male, and Gremlin is teaching her twins to fish for termites. BY JANE GOODALL PHOTOGRAPHS BY ANUP SHAH
France’s Island Paradox { Paradox Island; Corsica: France’s Paradox Island}
Paradox Island On the map, the Mediterranean island of Cor- sica belongs to France. In their hearts, many Corsicans aren’t so sure. BY PETER ROSS RANGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY BRUNO BARBEY
Jane Goodall in the Wild { Journey: New Hope in Goualougo, Congo; Jane: In the Forest Again}
Jane Goodall in the Wild The famed primatologist meets the chimpanzees of the Congo’s Goualougo Triangle, animals so isolated they have no fear of humans- at least for now. BY DAVID QUAMMEN PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL NICHOLS
The Rise of Mammals: Mothers of Us All { The Rise of Mammals}
The Rise of Mammals Once upon a time, a warm- blooded, milk- producing, fur- covered beast was born. Since then, mammals have conquered every habitat on Earth. This is their story- our story. BY RICK GORE PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CLARK ART BY KENNIS AND KEN
Augusta in Black And White { 30904: Playing the Fairway; ZipUSA: 30904; ZipUSA: Augusta, Georgia}
ZipUSA: 30904 Augusta, Georgia, home of the well- heeled Masters, is simply down- home to area residents. BY RALPH WILEY PHOTOGRAPHS BY JONATHAN ERNST

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