National Geographic March 2003


Puerto Rico: The State of the Island { Puerto Rico’s Divided Passions; True Colors: Divided Loyalties in Puerto Rico}
Puerto Rico’s Divided Passions As citizens they love their country; they also love their island home. Fifty years after becoming residents of a de facto U. S. colony, Puerto Ricans are rethinking the commonwealth’s future. BY ANDREW COCKBURN PHOTOGRAPH
Dinosaurs: Cracking the Mystery of How They Lived { Dinosaurs Come Alive; Flesh and Bone: A New Generation of Scientists Brings Dinosaurs Back to Life}
Dinosaurs Come Alive Step aside, bone diggers and fossil hunters, a new generation of scientists is using computer modeling and a better understanding of living animals to bring dinosaurs back to life- virtually. BY JOEL ACHENBACH PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT C
73106: Lemongrass on the Prairie { Zip USA: 73106; ZipUSA: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma}
ZipUSA: 73106 You won’t find steak houses in this corner of Oklahoma City. In Little Saigon, noodle shops reign. BY FRANK BROWNING PHOTOGRAPHS BY PENNY DE LOS SANTOS
Sky- High in Wildest Alaska { Wrangell- St. Elias National Park; Alaska’s Giant of Ice and Stone: Wrangell- St. Elias National Park}
Alaska’s Giant of Ice and Stone Solitude seems as tangi- ble as the mountains in immense Wrangell- St. Elias National Park. This first in a series on American Landscapes surveys a wilderness of unyielding harshness and unbridled majesty. BY ] OHN G. MIT
Hotspot: Islands of the Pacific { Pacific Hotspot; Islands of the Pacific}
Hotspot: Islands of the Pacific Take 1, 400 remote specks of land, colonize them with migrant species, then wait a few millen- nia. That’s the recipe for biodiversity in the tropical Pacific. BY MICHAEL PARFIT PHOTOGRAPHS BY TIM LAMAN
Qatar { Qatar’s Move Toward Democracy; Revolution From the Top Down: Qatar}
Revolution From the Top Down First he overthrew his father. Now the ruler of the rich Persian Gulf nation of Qatar strives to modernize a conservative Islamic society by royal decree. BY MARY ANNE WEAVER PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBB KENDRICK


A TRAVELER’ S MAP OF THE WEST INDIES(20 1/8 x 31 1/8 inches)
Contents: Map of the West Indies; airports, beaches, casinos, cruise ports, historic sites, and protected areas noted; insets with maps, notes, area, population, capital, languages, currency, and government. ; Included: Illustrations: Soper’ s Hole, Brit
WEST INDIES(20 1/8 x 31 1/8 inches)
Contents: Map of the West Indies with notes; insets with maps and illustrations. ; Included: Paintings of George Town, Havana Bay, and old San Juan. ; Also included: Cayman Islands National Museum; Cayman Trench; name origins of Haiti and hurricane; Tai

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