National Geographic February 2003


Discovering the First Galaxies { Galaxy Hunters: The Search for Cosmic Dawn}
Galaxy Hunters A new breed of scientists leads a cosmic revolution in thinking how the universe came to be. BY RON COWEN
New Light on Deep Sea Vents { Dawn in the Deep}
Dawn in the Deep It’s always night in the world of sea vents- until a film crew summons the power to illuminate the abyss. BY RICHARD A. LUTZ PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEPHEN LOW PRODUCTIONS AND EMORY KRISTOF
Survivors { The Nuba: Still Standing}
Survivors Outcasts in their own land, Sudan’s Nuba hold on. BY KAREN E. LANGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY MEREDITH DAVENPORT
Vancouver Island’s Circle of Life { Pacific Suite}
Pacific Suite From wolves to whales, from rain forests to tidal flats- Vancouver Island’s Clayoquot Sound has them all. BY DOUGLAS H. CHADWICK PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOEL SARTORE
Lewis and Clark’s Pathfinder { Sacagawea; Searching for Sacagawea}
Sacagawea What we know about her: She was a teenage mother and a valued interpreter for Lewis and Clark. What we don’t know about her: Almost everything else. BY MARGARET TALBOT PHOTOGRAPHS BY CHRIS JOHNS ART BY DAVID GROVE
Behind the Lines in Shattered Sudan { Shattered Sudan: Drilling for Oil, Hoping for Peace}
Shattered Sudan An oil pipeline fuels the unforgiving heart of a seemingly endless war. It may also be a means to peace. BY PAUL SALOPEK PHOTOGRAPHS BY RANDY OLSON
83422: All Eyes on Idaho’s Finest { ZipUSA: Driggs, Idaho}
ZipUSA: Driggs, Idaho Billionaires, Mormon potato farmers, and skateboarders share an uncommon home in 83422. BY TOM DWORETZKY PHOTOGRAPHS BY NINA BERMAN
Knots { On the Wing From Arctic to Australia; Unraveling the Knots; Birds That Go To Extremes}
Unraveling the Knots How do these Arctic- breeding shore- birds take the heat of a summer home in Australia’s sizzling tropics? BY JOHN L. ELIOT PHOTOGRAPHS BY JAN VAN DE KAM

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