2011 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 2011

    Cleopatra, Is That You?

    Archaeologists search for the true face - and the burial place - of the "world's first celebrity."

    Not Too Late for Polar Bears

    Their frozen hunting ground is shrinking. But bear-watchers haven't given up hope.

    Baghdad After the Storm

    An Iraq war vet finds music in the streets and fuel shortages, rational fears and new hope.

    Young, Angry, and Wired

    In the Middle East a generation in waiting can wait no more.

    Food Ark

    Preserving heirloom seeds and breeds is crucial if we are to feed our hungry world.

    Eat, Hike, Swim, Raise Cows

    Portugal's first - and only - national park is a combination of natural wonders and local lifestyles.

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  • National Geographic August 2011

    Spirit Bear

    The wildest place in America is home to the unlikeliest of creatures: a white black bear.

    Pipeline Through Paradise

    In the Great Bear Rainforest a tanker war has begun. It's going to be a bare-knuckle fight.

    Robots Get Real

    They can now serve drinks, act as companions, and look like us. Are we ready for them?

    A Multitasking Monkey

    India's langurs stand guard at public events, have holy status - and can also be a bit pesky.

    Land of Shadows

    As it comes out of isolation, the nation of Myanmar is caught between darkness and light.

    Part Ape, Part Human

    A new ancestor emerges from the richest collection of fossils ever found.

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  • National Geographic September 2011

    Joy for Orphan Elephants

    With the right kind of milk (and the right kind of love), a traumatized calf can make it.

    If We Only Had Wings

    From da Vinci to NASA scientists, humans dream up schemes to soar like a bird. Are we there yet?

    Miracle of the Adirondacks

    New York's park is blessedly remote, divinely beautiful, and unbelievably complicated.

    Birth of a New Brazil

    Big families are out. Credit strong-willed women - and the steamy soap operas that inspired them.

    The Race to the South Pole

    A century ago Scott lost the Amundsen won-partly because he knew when to turn back.

    Lords of the Sahara

    The fiercely independent Tuareg struggle to survive amid the turmoil of North Africa.

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  • National Geographic October 2011

    Beautiful Teenage Brains

    Impulsive, moody, maddening - that's a typical teen. Yet viewed through the eyes of evolution, adolescent behavior makes sense. Like, totally!

    Lost in Slot Canyons

    Aussies love dropping into these drenched, narrow passages. Getting stuck is part of the fun.

    A Whale of a Shark

    Generally a gentle giant, the biggest fish is a beggar and a thief off the shores of Indonesia.

    World Without Ice

    A mysterious surge of carbon sent temperatures soaring. Life changed forever. Welcome to Earth, 56 million years ago.

    Genghis Khan's Urban Clan

    Nomads were never meant to live in big-city boxes. But there they are, in Mongolia's capital.

    A Homage to Ansel Adams

    In the Sierra Nevada an unconfident young photographer became a lens master.

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  • National Geographic November 2011

    Magical Mystery Hoard

    An English field has yielded 3,500 gold, silver, and garnet objects. Who buried them, and why?

    Walking With Reindeer

    ATVs and snowmobiles help Scandinavia's Sami keep their herder heritage alive.

    Rift in Paradise

    Africa's Albertine Rift is rich in resources, animals - and crushingly violent conflicts.

    { Special Poster } Africa's Rift Valley / Great Lakes

    Iceman Unfrozen

    To unclock the mystery of how Europe's 5,300-year-old mummy lived and died, scientists had one option: thaw him out.

    Boundless Rivers

    A little-known federal law safeguards hundreds of America's wild and scenic waterways.

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  • National Geographic December 2011

    The King James Bible: Making a Masterpiece

    How We Can Save Wild Tigers

    Images of Japan's Nuclear Zone

    Upstart Galaxies Flirt With the Milky Way

    The City Solution to Earth's Problems


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