National Geographic May 2003


Everest 50 { Sir Edmund Hillary Recalls 50 Years on Top of the World; Sir Edmund Remembers; Everest 50: My Story}
Sir Edmund Remembers Which accomplishment gives him the greatest pride? Surprise: It’s not the climb.
Everest 50 { Life and Death on Everest; Everest: 50 Years and Counting}
The world hasn’t been the same since Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay stepped onto Mount Everest’s snowy peak on May 29, 1953. More than a thousand climbers have Followed them to the summit. Nearly 200 others have per- ished in the attempt.
Maya Royal Treasure { Aguateca: New Revelations of the Maya Elite}
Aguateca Under enemy attack, a Maya king and his courtiers fled their city, leaving astonishing pieces of their lives behind.
Kentucky Horse Country { High Stakes in the Bluegrass}
High Stakes in the Bluegrass Million- dollar miscarriages have Kentucky horse breeders running scared. 
Mayflies { Molt, Mate, Die: The Brief, Lusty Life of the Mayfly}
Mayflies With just hours to live, these swarming insects on Hungary’s Tisza River have only one thing on their minds.
Mail by the Pail { ZipUSA: 48222 Detroit, Michigan}
 Mail call afloat on the Great Lakes.
Everest 50 { Why Sherpas Thrive; Everest 50: The Sherpas}
The Sherpas It’s their mountain, and ever since tourists started pouring in, it’s their livelihood too.
Everest 50 { Not Your Average Hero; Everest 50: The Hero}
Not Your Average Hero Why a beekeeper from New Zealand was the right man for the job.
Everest 50 { Everest’s Greatest Hits; Everest 50: The History}
Everest’s Greatest Hits An illustrated history spanning 150 years of mountain milestones.
Everest 50 { Altitude and the Death Zone; How Altitude Kills; Everest 50: The Body- -Adjust or Die}
Altitude and the Death Zone Above 26, 000 feet the human body starts to shut down.

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