2010 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 2010

    Evolutionary Road

    The Middle Awash in Ethiopia is humanity's hometown.

    { Birth of Bipedalism } Sex might have been a motivation.

    A Tale of Donald's Tower

    To woo a mate, male bowerbirds decorate, lavishly.

    Pakistan's Heartland

    Pnjab is prosperous, populous - and a Talaban target.

    Dazzling Brazilian Dunes

    Fish splash in lagoons, goats graze. And it's no mirage.

    The 21st Century Grid

    Can we fix the infrastructure that powers our lives?


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  • National Geographic August 2010

    Deep Dark Secrets

    Scientists dive into the deadly blue holes of the Bahamas.

    The Iron Silk Road

    A new Europe-to-Asia railway fuels trade - and tensions.

    Reviving Native Lands

    U.S. tribes strive to undo years of environmental abuse.

    A Grassland Kingdom

    India's Kaziranga park shelters tigers, buffalo, and rhinos.

    Valley of the Whales

    The origins of the marine mammal lie buried in Egyptian sand.


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  • National Geographic September 2010

    Tut's Family Secrets

    DNA sheds new light on the boy king's life and death.

    { Royal Incest } The ultimate taboo had risks - and rewards.

    Sands of Time

    Aboriginal gods get the credit for Australia's Fraser Island.

    Madagascar's Pierced Heart

    Forces of greed are pillaging native rosewood, minerals, gems.

    The Beauty of Insect Eggs

    They're colorful, crazy looking ... and utterly practical.

    Mystery Travelers

    Eels writhe in rivers, cross oceans, and spawn in secret.


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  • National Geographic October 2010

    The Spill

    Is another deepwater disaster inevitable?

    In the battle against oil, the Wetlands aren't giving up.

    The blue wilderness of my childhood.

    Time For A Sea Change

    Find out why a sardine sandwidh is better than a tuna roll.

    Australia's Lost Giants

    Jumbo kangaroos and ten-foot-tall birds once ruled the land.

    Being Jane Goodall

    Her 50 years of work have made us rethink chimps.

    Allard's West

    His camera captures cagey cowhands and sprawling skies.


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  • National Geographic November 2010

    Great Migrations

    Birds, butterflies, and beasts take off. Humans interfere.

    The Lost Herds Are Found

    They survived Sudan's civil war yet still need protection.

    Southern Sudan's Shaky Peace

    The scars and hopes of a boy named Logocho mirror his land.

    3 Degrees Of Japan's Seas

    The waters host arctic crabs, temperate squid, tropical sharks.

    Unburying The Aztec

    Diggers find eagles, fur-wrapped knives, no emperor's tomb.


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  • National Geographic December 2010

    Kings of Controversy
    Was the Kingdom of David and Solomon a glorious empire—or just a little cow town? It depends on which archaeologist you ask.
    Veiled Rebellion
    Afghan women suffer under the constraints of tribalism, poverty, and war. Now they are starting to fight for a just life
    Swan Serenade
    The whooper swan is a bird to inspire flights of fancy.
    Star Struck
    Astronomers turn their telescopes to the unbounded beauty of the Milky Way.
    Alaska’s Choice
    Salmon or Gold. If built, a huge mine would trans­form Alaska’s Bristol Bay region, possibly jeopar­dizing the world’s richest sockeye salmon fishery.
    Twilight for Bats
    Bats are crucial to ecosystems—devouring insects, dispersing seeds, and pollinating flowers. But in the U.S. an insidious new enemy is causing massive die-offs.

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