2016 January – June

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  • National Geographic January 2016

    Bloody Good

    Vultures seem vile, dining on the dead. But Earth desperately needs these birds.

    This Land Is Your Land

    As America's national park system turns 100, we celebrate and reflect with a yearlong series.

    This Is Your Brain on Nature

    Spending time in the natural world benefits human brains.

    Into Thin Ice

    Earth cools when sunlight reflects off Arctic sea ice - which is melting away. Where does that leave us?

    Riding Rubber's Boom

    The rising global demand for car tires may pay off for Southeast Asia's poor, but at a cost to the planet.

    Proof | Kingdom of Girls

    Young women in a matrilineal society preserve an old tradition.

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  • National Geographic February 2016

    Denali | The Power of Parks: A Yearlong Exploration

    The national park covers six million acres of Alaska. How can that not be enough?

    Seeing the Light

    From the unsophisticated to the ultrasharp, eyes have evolved to see to species' needs.

    London Down Under

    Beneath one of Europe's oldest capitals lies a "rich archaeological layer cake" of historic artifacts.

    The Changing Face of Saudi Women

    With degrees, jobs, and digital media, they're living in a wider world.

    Proof | Midnight Slalom

    Lights, cameras, snow, and night skiing combine in a photographer's dream shoot.

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  • National Geographic March 2016

    Return of the Seychelles

    Ecological restoration gives nature a second chance in this Indian Ocean island nation.

    Waste Not, Want Not

    About a third of the planet's food goes to waste - some because it's not picture-perfect.

    The Cold Rush

    With howling winds and subzero temperatures, even a melting Arctic is a brutal place to work.

    The Other Iraq

    Kurds in northern Iraq have created an oasis of prosperity and peace. Will ISIS destroy it?

    Proof | Tsunami Memories

    Survivors of Japan's 2011 tsunami pose amid remnants of their flooded-out lives.

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  • National Geographic April 2016

    Every Last One

    Photographing thousands of animals to help ensure that species are preserved: That's the Photo Ark project.

    The Crossing

    Is death an event or more of a progression? Science and human experience offer answers.

    Where Death Doesn't Mean Goodbye

    These Indonesian villagers keep their late loved ones close. Literally.

    Urban Parks

    When you're there, civilization can feel very far away - even if it's all around. Welcome to the world's urban parks.

    Ghost Lands

    The Out of Eden Walk passes through nations haunted by their history: Armenia and Turkey.

    Proof | 93 Days of Spring

    With an image a day, a Minnesota photographer welcomes the season to his state.

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  • National Geographic May 2016


    Yellowstone; America's Wild Idea

    PART ONE: The Paradox of the Park

    What wilderness means to people - and how it is managed - has steadily changed since Yellowstone National Park was founded.

    It All Starts With Heat

    For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People

    PART TWO: Into the Backcountry

    Yellowstone has become a natural laboratory for tracing the delicate web of relationships that keep an ecosystem alive and healthy.

    The Carnivore Comeback

    Tracking the Wildlife Highways

    PART THREE: Living With the Wild

    Yellowstone's wildlife is adapting to its changing realities. Now people must adapt as well if the park is to remain untamed - and intact.

    The Dance of the Bison and Elk

    Land of the People

    EPILOGUE: The View From the Beginning

    { Special Poster } Yellowstone Elk Migrations, Supervolcano

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  • National Geographic June 2016

    Swimming With Tigers

    The writer dives with tiger sharks, awesome predators that are critical to ocean health.

    Peru's World Apart

    Manu National Park is a natural wonder, protected - for now - by isolation and its residents.

    Plundering the Past

    Illegal trade in antiquities is wreaking havoc on humanity's archaeological heritage.

    Juarez Returns to Life

    The long-dangerous city on the U.S.-Mexico border has seen crime decline and civic life revive.

    Proof | The Art of Solar Energy

    The interplay of nature and human activity forms patterns in the Nevada desert.

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