2017 January – June

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  • National Geographic January 2017

    National Geographic January 2017 Highlights:

    Rethinking Gender

    Can science help us navigate the shifting landscape of gender identity? Mandy (below) identifies as fa'afafine, a third gender in Samoa.

    I Am Nine Years Old

    National Geographic traveled to 80 homes on four continents to ask kids how gender affects their lives. The answers from this diverse group of children were astute and revealing.

    Making A Man

    In traditional cultures the path to manhood is marked with ceremonial rites of passage. But in societies moving away from strict gender roles, boys have to find their own ways to become men.

    American Girl

    In some ways it's easier to be an American girl these days: Although beauty still rules, people are more accepting of differences. In another way it's worse: Everything plays out on social media.

    Dangerous Lives of Girls

    In Sierra Leone, wracked by civil war and Ebola, nearly half of girls marry before 18, and many become mothers by 19. Yet even in this troubled land, some girls find a way to rise.

    Dads At Home

    More than in most nations, Sweden's parental leave involves fathers.

    Girls At Risk

    A by-the-numbers look at how girls and women around the world are faring, from education to equal opportunity.


    On The Cover:

    Youth interviewed for this issue on gender include Avery Jackson, a transgender girl living in Kansas City, Missouri

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  • National Geographic February 2017

    A 9,000-Year Love Affair

    Alcohol is one of the most universally produced and enjoyed substances in history, and it has helped shape who we are.

    Shadow Cats

    Small cats - like the marbled cat below - are skilled at avoiding notice. But they're beginning to draw the attention of conservationists and researchers.

    Saving the Seas

    Although President Obama granted protected status to 850,000 square miles of ocean, there's still more to do.

    Life After Loss

    Societies can impose new burdens and limits on women after their husbands die.

    Modern Amazonia

    In the jungle today, real people face the clash of tribal lore and modern life.

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  • National Geographic March 2017

    Vikings; What You Don't Know About the Toughest Warriors Ever

    The World's Deepest Cave?

    How The Animal Kingdom Uses Tools

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  • National Geographic April 2017

    Life After ISIS

    As Iraqi and coalition forces moved to retake Mosul in 2016, fleeing Iraquis told harrowing stories of the Islamic State's brutal reign.

    Climate Change: 7 Things You Need to Know

    The scientific facts about threats to the planet and how to mitigate them.

    Beyond Human

    Are humans still evolving? Yes, under the influence of culture and technology.

    Home On The Range

    Modernity and tradition meet in a Pakistani village.

    Grass-Eating Monkeys of Ethiopia

    A community aims to shield habitat that geladas need.

    Tiny Ruins

    Artists' miniature tableaux depict abandoned cities gone to seed.

    Racing The Thaw

    Alaska natives hope to rescue ancestral artifacts before the sea takes them.

    Explore: Water

    In the water: fish, trash, signs of stress. Out of water: people wouldwide.

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  • National Geographic May 2017

    Whose Moors Are They?

    Scotland has lost more than 25 percent of its heather moorland since World War II. For what's left of this signature landscape, the future is clouded by debates about class, culture, and nature.

    Who Is a Genius?

    Science explores why some exceptional minds soar above mere brilliance.

    United in Protest

    For indigenous people, rebelling against a pipeline is also uniting nations.

    The Burning Heart of Africa

    Is failure the fate of the Central African Republic?

    Flower Men

    In a bustling flower market in Kolkata, India, vendors wear their colorful wares.


    King Tut's dad, and Egypt's first revolutionary, is still a symbol of change.

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  • National Geographic June 2017

    Carved By Lava

    Centuries of eruptions have created hidden networks of caves under Hawaii's volcanoes. Below, lava flows out of one of the underground passageways into the sea.

    Why We Lie

    In the age of social media, separating truth from lies may be harder than ever.

    Life in The Balance

    Climate change threatens animals of the Galapagos.

    The Perils of Pale

    In Tanzania people with albinism are attacked for their body parts.

    Turned to Stone

    A Canadian mine yields one of the world's best preserved dinosaurs.

    A State of Grief

    Death rituals have become a cathartic part of daily life in the Philippines.

    The Side Effect

    Entrepreneurs sell medicine on Haiti's streets.

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