1996 July – December


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  • National Geographic July 1996

    A Place for Parks in the New South Africa
    Conservationists in South Africa hope to preserve a balance between the nation's magnificent wildlife and a rapidly expanding human population desperate for land.
    Syria Behind the Mask
    A key to Middle East peace, this arid nation - - no longer under Soviet sway - - has begun to loosen its grip on the economic and political activities of its people.
    Treasure From the Silver Bank { Gleaning Treasure From the Silver Bank}
    Submerged since 1641, a hoard of gold, silver, and jewelry from the Spanish galleon Concepcion comes to light off the Dominican Republic.
    Dinosaurs of the Gobi: Unearthing a Fossil Trove
    Buried by desert sandstorms 80 million years ago, wondrous creatures reveal themselves in well- preserved fossils of parents and nestlings.
    Let the Games Begin
    What drives us to play. A look at sports on the 100th anniversary of the modern Olympics.

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  • National Geographic August 1996

    Monterrey: Confronting the Future
    Traditional Mexican characteristics - - family values and a willingness to work - - have combined with the city's proximity to the United States to create a strong and prosperous business community, now struggling with the country's economic downturn.
    Chiapas: Rough Road to Reality
    In the poor state of Chiapas, revolution is afoot. The Zapatistas, a group of rebel Indian Farmers, have declared war on the Mexican government and demanded the land reform pledged by Mexico's 1917 constitution.
    Yucatan Peninsula: Maya Heart, Modern Face
    The Yucatan countryside, populated with 900, 000 indigenous Maya, is emptying as the peninsula's beach resorts draw foreign tourists and offer promising jobs.
    Tijuana and the Border: Magnet of Opportunity
    Mexico's border cities lure foreign investors with cheap labor and proximity to U. S. markets, while beckoning workers from across Mexico with a chance for a new beginning.
    Heartland and the Pacific: Eternal Mexico
    Harsh economic realities are unable to shake the ancient foundations of family and society in the heartland of Mexico.
    Veracruz: Gateway to the World { Illustrations text}
    Rich in oil, seafood, and cultures drawn from distant lands, Veracruz is also a world of back- road virtues where tradition reigns.
    Sierra Madre: Backbone of the Frontier
    The rough and forbidding Mother Mountains of the West have long proven a haven for reclusive Indians and a diversity of wildlife. The existence of both is being forever altered by incursions of timber companies and narcotics traffickers in this shrink; i
    Mexico City: Pushing the Limits
    Once elegant and sedate, Mexico City is now a sprawling megacity of at least 16 million people. Though poverty and unemployment are rampant, migrants pour in daily from the provinces hoping to find jobs and prosperity.
    Emerging Mexico: Bright with Promise, Tangled in the Past
    A team of National Geographic correspondents travels the length and breadth of Mexico to learn how its people are facing the current economic and political crisis - - and shaping a promising future.

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  • National Geographic September 1996

    Scotland: Plaid to the Bone
    This rugged northern reach of Britain remains a world apart, a land of windswept lochs and heather hills, a people of industriousness and idiosyncrasy.
    Gaza: Where Peace Walks a Tightrope
    Palestinians in the 140- square- mile arid strip along the Mediterranean Sea cling to their dream of building a new state.
    Searching for the Scythians
    Legendary horsemen who swept across the European steppe in the seventh century B. C. left clues to their culture in finely wrought gold.
    A Special Place: Hawk High Over Four Corners
    Where four states meet in the Southwest, nature spreads a splendid panorama.
    Fire { The Essential Element of Fire}
    More friend than foe to many ecosystems, fire helps keep the planet in balance.
    Tarantulas: Earth Tigers and Bird Spiders
    Huge, hairy, and horrific, tarantulas are also delicate, timid, and mostly harmless.

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  • National Geographic October 1996

    Baffin Island Trek { Traversing Baffin Island}
    In a six- month odyssey, a team of adventurers take on Canada's largest island.
    Kuril Islands { Storm Watch Over the Kurils: Russia and Japan Contest a Wild Island Chain}
    Controlled by Russia, claimed by Japan, these storm- tossed islands straddle prized Pacific fishing grounds.
    Life Without Light
    Mussels and tube worms thrive on bacteria nourished by gas and oil seeps deep in the Gulf of Mexico.
    Morocco: North Africa's Timeless Mosaic
    The storied North African kingdom faces harsh realities of poverty, unemployment, and overpopulation.
    China's Terra- cotta Warriors { China's Warriors Rise From the Earth}
    Near Xian, 8, 000 life- size soldiers emerge from the mausoleum of China's first emperor.
    African Gold { Royal Gold of the Asante Empire}
    The regalia of an Asante king in Ghana dazzles his subjects at the lavish celebration of his 25- year reign.
    National Wildlife Refuges { Sanctuary: U. S. National Wildlife Refuges}
    Sanctuaries for waterfowl and other species guard critical habitat against growing pressures.

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  • National Geographic November 1996

    Orbit: The Astronauts' View of Home
    With handheld cameras and a childlike sense of awe, astronauts capture three decades of change on the face of the planet.
    Sir Joseph Banks { The Greening of the Empire: Sir Joseph Banks}
    The 18th- century English scholar and gentleman left a scientific legacy botanists still salute.
    Gibraltar { Britain's Precarious Stronghold, Gibraltar}
    Britain's hold on this Mediterranean remnant of empire is as solid as the Rock itself - - or is it?
    Realm of the Seamount
    A submerged volcanic peak off British Columbia plays host to a diverse marine community.
    Colorado's Front Range
    Those wide- open spaces that lure newcomers to the east flank of the Rockies are shrinking fast.
    Portia Spiders { Portia Spider: Mistress of Deception}
    Invading another spider's web, this fierce predator mimics the vibrations of a trapped insect to fool its prey.
    Running the Shuiluo River { Shuiluo River; Rapid Descent: First Run Down the Shuiluo River}
    A plunging Chinese waterway rewards rafters with a taste for bare- bones adventure.

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  • National Geographic December 1996

    Genghis Kahn { Lord of the Mongols, Genghis Khan}
    Revered founder of Mongolia, this ruthless 13th- century warrior launched an empire that reached Europe.
    Las Vegas { Believing Las Vegas}
    Amid the neon dazzle, America's fastest growing metro area is on a roll.
    Ice Climbing { Straight Up Ice}
    Armed with axes, crampons, and a touch of madness, climbers dare frozen waterfalls and Alpine glaciers.
    Berlin { Reinventing Berlin}
    The Wall gone, the reunited city prepares to resume its historic role as Germany's capital.
    Crinoids { Feather Star Crinoids; Flowers of the Coral Seas: Feather Star Crinoids}
    Delicate as flowers, these tenacious sea animals provide shelter for myriad smaller creatures.
    The Shenandoah { Shenandoah River; Simple Gifts of the Shenandoah}
    Ripples of history and fishing tales run through a river and its placid Virginia valley.

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