2008 January – June

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  • National Geographic January 2008

    Gorilla Family { Western Gorillas; In the Presence of Giants: Western Gorillas}
    Kingo and his family of reclusive lowland gorillas live wild and free in the Congo Basin of central Africa. BY MARK JENKINS PHOTOGRAPHS BY IAN NICHOLS
    Indonesia's Ring of Fire: Volcano Gods { Living With Volcanoes; Indonesia's Volcanoes; The Gods Must Be Restless: Living in the Shadow of Indonesia's Volcanoes}
    In Indonesia, life plays out in the shadow of fiery peaks. BY ANDREW MARSHALL PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOHN STANMEYER
    Mud Eruption { The Unstoppable Mud; Drowning in Mud}
    A different kind of eruption wreaks havoc in East Java. BY ANDREW MARSHALL PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOHN STANMEYER
    Emptied Prairie { The Emptied Prairie}
    North Dakota ghost towns speak of an irreversible decline. BY CHARLES BOWDEN PHOTOGRAPHS BY EUGENE RICHARDS
    Ancient Art of India { India's Ancient Art; India Temple Art; Faces of the Divine: India Temple Art}
    Fifth- century painters created stunning murals in dim man- made caves. A gifted photographer brings them to light. BY TOM O' NEILL PHOTOGRAPHS BY BENOY K. BEHL
    Himalaya Winter Climb { Himalaya Ice Warriors; Ice Warriors: Nanga Parbat}
    A Polish climbing team takes on Pakistan's deadly Nanga Parbat. BY MARK JENKINS PHOTOGRAPHS BY TOMMY HEINRICH
    Why Recycle? { Recycling: The Big Picture}
    It's worth the effort to turn bottles and cans into new products. BY TOM ZELLER, JR.
    High- Tech Trash
    Toxic components of discarded electronics are ending up overseas. BY CHRIS CARROLL PHOTOGRAPHS BY PETER ESSICK

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  • National Geographic February 2008

    Hazaras: Afghanistan's Outsiders { Outsiders in Afghanistan; Hazaras; The Outsiders: Hazara People}
    The Hazaras cherish education and hard work, but their Shiite Muslim faith and Asian features have long made them a target. Will they find a better life in the post- Taliban era? BY PHIL ZABRISKIE PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEVE McCURRY
    Drying of the West
    The region's burgeoning population and intensifying droughts mean there may not be enough water to go around. BY ROBERT KUNZIG PHOTOGRAPHS BY VINCENT LAFORET
    The Black Pharaohs: Conquerors of Ancient Egypt { Black Pharaohs}
    For 75 years Nubian kings ruled over ancient Egypt, reunifying the country and building an empire. Until recently, theirs was a chapter of history lost in the shadows. BY ROBERT DRAPER PHOTOGRAPHS BY KENNETH GARRETT
    Basho's Trail { Japan's Haiku Master; On the Poet's Trail; On the Trail of a Ghost}
    Travels along the path of Matsuo Basho, Japan's 17th- century haiku master, help bring his words to life. BY HOWARD NORMAN PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL YAMASHITA
    Philippine Eagle { Lord of the Forest}
    Runaway logging threatens to wipe out one of the world's largest raptors. Now people are waking up to its plight. BY MEL WHITE PHOTOGRAPHS BY KLAUS NIGGE
    Mexico's Other Border
    Central American immigrants heading north face many hazards- and many crossings- in their risky trek to the land of marvels. BY CYNTHIA GORNEY PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEX WEBB

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  • National Geographic March 2008

    Inside Animal Minds: Birds, Apes, Dolphins, and a Dog With a World- Class Vocabulary { Minds of Their Own; Animal Minds}
    Brainy fellow creatures show that humans are not alone in their ability to invent, plan, or contemplate. BY VIRGINIA MORELL PHOTOGRAPHS BY VINCENT J. MUSI
    Pacific Migration { The Pacific's Ancient Mariners; Pioneers of the Pacific; Peopling the Pacific; Beyond the Blue Horizon: Peopling the Pacific}
    An important archaeological find is helping experts piece together an enduring puzzle: how voyagers in simple canoes managed to colonize the vast Pacific's island outposts. BY ROFF SMITH PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEPHEN ALVAREZ
    Mega- projects in Iceland { Iceland's Heated Debate; Iceland's Power Struggle}
    Close- knit Icelanders are proud of their beautiful country. But now they face a divisive challenge of protecting the environment while expanding the economy. BY MARGUERITE DEL GIUDICE PHOTOGRAPHS BY JONAS BENDIKSEN
    Bhutan's Great Experiment { Bhutan's Enlightened Experiment}
    A Himalayan kingdom trades poverty and isolation for GNH- Gross National Happiness- and a daring move to democracy. BY BROOK LARMER PHOTOGRAPHS BY LYNSEY ADDARIO
    Search for the God Particle { The God Particle; At the Heart of All Matter: The God Particle}
    Physicists have high hopes for Europe's giant new atom smasher- they want nothing less than to crack the code of the physical universe. BY JOEL ACHENBACH PHOTOGRAPHS BY PETER GINTER

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  • National Geographic April 2008

    Designs From Nature { Biomimetics; Biomimetics: Design by Nature}
    Burs on a dog's coat led to the invention of Velcro. That's an example of biomimetics- the young science of adapting designs from nature to solve modern problems. Now it may be coming of age. BY TOM MUELLER PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CLARK
    Africa's Ragged Edge: Journey Into the Sahel { The Sahel; Lost in the Sahel}
    The vast swath of sub- Saharan savanna is a world of unseen lines. Crossing one of them landed the writer in a Sudanese jail. BY PAUL SALOPEK PHOTOGRAPHS BY PASCAL MAITRE
    Last Ride for Rickshaws? { India's Rickshaws; Kolkata Rickshaws; Last Days of the Rickshaw}
    The city of Kolkata has a love- hate relationship with its rickshaws. Are they a symbol of exploitation? Or just a handy way to get around? BY CALVIN TRILLIN PHOTOGRAPHS BY AMI VITALE
    Hawaii's Wild N? Pali Coast { N? Pali Coast}
    Golden beaches and soaring cliffs make this rugged edge of Hawaii a paradise on Earth. But tourists and trash are taking a toll. BY JOEL K. BOURNE, JR. PHOTOGRAPHS BY DIANE COOK AND LEN JENSHEL
    Chimps on the Hunt { Fongoli Chimps; Almost Human: Fongoli Chimps}
    The Fongoli chimps of Senegal will break off a branch, sharpen it with their teeth, and use it to hunt bush babies. That's just one of the recent discoveries that underscore the ape- human connection. BY MARY ROACH PHOTOGRAPHS BY FRANS LANTING

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  • National Geographic May 2008

    Building Boom { The New Great Walls}
    Beijing is building up for the Olympics. By Ted C. Fishman Photographs by Greg Girard
    The Road Ahead
    Despite the bumps, there's no end in sight. By Peter Hessler Photographs by Fritz Hoffmann
    Gilded Age { Gilded Age, Gilded Cage}
    A new middle class means aspiration- and anxiety. By Leslie T Chang Photographs by Randy Olson
    Guizhou Village { Village on the Edge of Time}
    In Dimen, yesterday and today are merging. By Amy Tan Photographs by Lynn Johnson
    China: Inside the Dragon { China's Journey}
    The great nation is on the move. By Peter Hessler Photographs by Fritz Hoffmann
    Yellow River { Bitter Waters}
    Can China save the Yellow- its Mother River? By Brook Larmer Photographs by Greg Girard


    CHINA: JOURNEY OF ROCK AND WATER(20 1/8 inches x 31)
    Errata: The September 2008 NGM notes that the description of the People' s Requblic of China as the fourth largest country, only slightly smaller than the United States, is based on land and inland- water area and excludes Taiwan; also, construction of
    THE FORBIDDEN CITY(20 1/8 inches x 31)
    Errata: The September 2008 NGM notes that the end of hte Qianlong emperor' s reign was 1796. ; Included: Drawing of the 1889 wedding celebration of the Guangxu Emperor, featuring the Forbidden City' s Hall of Supreme Harmony, the Dragon Throne, and detai

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  • National Geographic June 2008

    Tracking Snow Leopards { Snow Leopards; Out of the Shadows: Snow Leopards}
    On the trail of Central Asia's elusive big cats. By Douglas H. Chadwick Photographs by Steve Winter
    Nudibranchs: Living Color { Living Color: Nudibranchs}
    Humble sea slugs turn self- defense into art. By Jennifer S. Holland Photographs by David Doubilet
    Siberian Oil Boom { Frozen Assets; Siberian Oil; Send Me to Siberia: Oil Transforms a Russian Outpost}
    Awash in oil wealth, Siberia goes upscale. By Paul Starobin Photographs by Gerd Ludwig
    Afghanistan's Hidden Treasure { Afghan Treasure; Afghan Treasures; Afghanistan's Hidden Treasures}
    How a trove of priceless antiquities survived. By Roger Atwood Photographs by Richard Barnes
    Secrets of Stonehenge { Stonehenge; If the Stones Could Speak: Searching for the Meaning of Stonehenge}
    New finds raise tantalizing questions. By Caroline Alexander Photographs by Ken Geiger
    World Oil Bust? { World Oil; Tapped Out: World Oil}
    Supplies are faltering while demand surges. By Paul Roberts

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