National Geographic September 1996


Scotland: Plaid to the Bone
This rugged northern reach of Britain remains a world apart, a land of windswept lochs and heather hills, a people of industriousness and idiosyncrasy.
Gaza: Where Peace Walks a Tightrope
Palestinians in the 140- square- mile arid strip along the Mediterranean Sea cling to their dream of building a new state.
Searching for the Scythians
Legendary horsemen who swept across the European steppe in the seventh century B. C. left clues to their culture in finely wrought gold.
A Special Place: Hawk High Over Four Corners
Where four states meet in the Southwest, nature spreads a splendid panorama.
Fire { The Essential Element of Fire}
More friend than foe to many ecosystems, fire helps keep the planet in balance.
Tarantulas: Earth Tigers and Bird Spiders
Huge, hairy, and horrific, tarantulas are also delicate, timid, and mostly harmless.

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