National Geographic December 1996


Genghis Kahn { Lord of the Mongols, Genghis Khan}
Revered founder of Mongolia, this ruthless 13th- century warrior launched an empire that reached Europe.
Las Vegas { Believing Las Vegas}
Amid the neon dazzle, America’s fastest growing metro area is on a roll.
Ice Climbing { Straight Up Ice}
Armed with axes, crampons, and a touch of madness, climbers dare frozen waterfalls and Alpine glaciers.
Berlin { Reinventing Berlin}
The Wall gone, the reunited city prepares to resume its historic role as Germany’s capital.
Crinoids { Feather Star Crinoids; Flowers of the Coral Seas: Feather Star Crinoids}
Delicate as flowers, these tenacious sea animals provide shelter for myriad smaller creatures.
The Shenandoah { Shenandoah River; Simple Gifts of the Shenandoah}
Ripples of history and fishing tales run through a river and its placid Virginia valley.

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