National Geographic October 1996


Baffin Island Trek { Traversing Baffin Island}
In a six- month odyssey, a team of adventurers take on Canada’s largest island.
Kuril Islands { Storm Watch Over the Kurils: Russia and Japan Contest a Wild Island Chain}
Controlled by Russia, claimed by Japan, these storm- tossed islands straddle prized Pacific fishing grounds.
Life Without Light
Mussels and tube worms thrive on bacteria nourished by gas and oil seeps deep in the Gulf of Mexico.
Morocco: North Africa’s Timeless Mosaic
The storied North African kingdom faces harsh realities of poverty, unemployment, and overpopulation.
China’s Terra- cotta Warriors { China’s Warriors Rise From the Earth}
Near Xian, 8, 000 life- size soldiers emerge from the mausoleum of China’s first emperor.
African Gold { Royal Gold of the Asante Empire}
The regalia of an Asante king in Ghana dazzles his subjects at the lavish celebration of his 25- year reign.
National Wildlife Refuges { Sanctuary: U. S. National Wildlife Refuges}
Sanctuaries for waterfowl and other species guard critical habitat against growing pressures.

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