1995 January – June


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  • National Geographic January 1995

    Gray Reef Sharks
    Using body language to signal attack, the gray reef shark is one of the fiercest of its kind. Flotillas of these sharks patrol Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, once the site of U. S. atomic bomb tests.

    Egypt's Old Kingdom
    New discoveries shed light on daily life in the age of the pyramid builders, when the task of serving the pharaohs, even after death, unified the land. A double map supplement reveals Nile Valley antiquities.
    Australian Wildflowers
    Land of kangaroo and koala, Australia also holds botanical treasures: the pink pigfaces, plume smokebushes, and 12, 000 other wildflower species that paint the west in glorious bursts of color.
    Three Years Across the Arctic
    By kayak, dogsled, and on foot, a young Spaniard and his friends test the limits of survival as they traverse 8, 400 harsh Arctic miles from Greenland to Alaska.
    Offbeat New Orleans
    Creole cooking, jazz rhythms, and the traditions of a storied past help override fears of drug crime and casino gambling. The soul of the Big Easy remains irrepressible.

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  • National Geographic February 1995

    The Amazon: South America's River Road
    This free- flowing behemoth provides transport, larder, riches, and resort for a kaleidoscope of humanity as it carries a sixth of the world's running water some 4, 000 miles.
    Venice, More Than a Dream
    A city for the ages preserves its small- town intimacy and artistic glory against a flood of tourists. A double- sided supplement traces Italy's emergence as a nation.
    Grand Teton
    Development expands on adjacent ranchland, and more and more visitors surge into this splendid national park. Can Grand Teton stay grand forever?
    Remote World of the Harpy Eagle
    In the shrinking realm of New World rain forests, earth's most powerful raptors need protected habitat to beat the challenge of the chain saw.
    Maya Masterpiece Revealed at Bonampak
    Warriors clash, captives cringe, and royals triumph in extraordinary murals from Bonampak, Mexico, brought vividly back to life with the aid of computer wizardry.

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  • National Geographic March 1995

    Chinchorro Mummies { Chile's Chinchorro Mummies}
    Unearthed from the sands of northern Chile, intact burials from 7, 000 years ago reveal secrets of a lost culture, including the world's earliest method of mummification.
    Journey to Aldabra
    In the western Indian Ocean, four small coral islands - - virtually uninhabited outposts of the Republic of Seychelles - - teem with frigate- birds, giant tortoises, and a glorious parade of marine life.
    The Endangered Species Act { Dead or Alive: The Endangered Species Act}
    A controversial U. S. law that protects dwindling plant and animal species comes up for reauthorization this year. Good intentions have run wild at the expense of jobs and property rights, say critics of the act.
    Bombay: India's Capital of Hope
    Fueled by free- market reforms, Bombay has emerged as the economic engine driving India into the 21st century. Yet overflowing slums and religious tensions pose challenges to prosperity.
    North Carolina's Piedmont: On a Fast Break
    The red- clay of the North Carolina Piedmont nurtures make- do folks devoted to their churches and their race- car heroes - - and proud of their booming cities.

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  • National Geographic April 1995

    The New Saigon
    Once crippled by war, a reinvented Ho Chi Minh City bustles as the hub of southern Vietnam, where entrepreneurs and returning expatriates inject cash and capitalist dreams.
    California Earthquakes { Living with California's Faults}
    The 1994 Northridge earthquake sent seismologists scrambling. Prediction: more frequent and damaging quakes. A supplement explains the West Coast's geologic tensions.
    The Brindisi Bronzes: Classical Castoffs Reclaimed from the Sea
    A trove of classical sculptures - - heads, torsos, and limbs - - recovered from the sea offer the first evidence of ancient scrap- metal recycling.
    Koalas- -Out on a Limb
    The fur is flying in a debate over the future of Australia's beloved mascots, increasingly threatened by cars and dogs - - and the leveling of their favored eucalyptus trees.
    Earth Day: 25 Years Old { Earth Day: 25 Years}
    Nationwide street demonstrations in 1970 helped turn Americans green. Here are seven of the dedicated millions whose commitment is bearing fruit.
    Mountain Goats { On the Edge of Earth and Sky}
    A hundred thousand years ago their ancestors sought refuge in the treacherous heights. Now these nimble cliff- hangers are undisputed lords of the ledge.

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  • National Geographic May 1995

    Land of camel races and car phones, the oil- rich Sultanate of Oman guards its traditions while welcoming upper- crust tourism and economic development.
    Nurse Sharks { Wild Mating of the Nurse Sharks}
    Exploration of a shark breeding ground in the subtropical waters off the Florida Keys gives new insights into the mating behavior of these fearsome- looking but usually benign reef dwellers.
    NGS Maps in World War II { Blueprints for Victory}
    Fifty years ago, U. S. Presidents relied on National Geographic maps as they planned strategy, debriefed commanders, and negotiated treaties during World War II.
    Poison- Dart Frogs: Lurid and Lethal
    Tiny, neon- bright frogs trill their courtship songs throughout much of tropical Latin America. But watch out: Touch one and you might be dead.
    The Vimy Flies Again: Reliving the First Aerial Voyage From England to Australia
    Despite violent storms and engine failure, the author and his crew fly 11, 000 miles in an open- cockpit biplane to retrace the 1919 route of the first England- to- Australia flight.
    The Cherokee: Two Nations, One People
    Divided in the 1830s, most of the Cherokee were forced to travel the Trail of Tears - - from their southeastern homeland to Oklahoma. Today eastern and western Cherokee celebrate a common heritage.

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  • National Geographic June 1995

    Israel's Galilee: Living in the Shadow of Peace
    As Israel and its Arab neighbors seek a lasting peace, this northern region - - home to 450, 000 Arabs, the largest concentration in Israel - - has become a testing ground for relations between the state and its non- Jewish citizens.
    California Sea Otters { The Fragile Recovery of California Sea Otters}
    Nearly wiped out by 19th- century fur hunters, these appealing mammals are reclaiming their coastal range. But feasting on urchins and abalone, they rile local fishermen.
    The Brain { Quiet Miracles of the Brain}
    Billions of cells in this fragile organ regulate our bodies, emotions, and memories. New research reveals the brain's flexibility and leads to ingenious treatments for age- old disorders. Still, the matter that makes us human remains full of mystery.
    New Views of the Holy Land { Satellite Revelations: New Views of the Holy Land}
    Breathtaking bird's- eye pictures are generated by computer when high- resolution satellite images are merged with a topographic database.
    Puget Sound { Living a Dream on the Islands of Puget Sound}
    Playground of orcas, eagles, and other free spirits, the islands of northwestern Washington are awash with newcomers. As resources decline, some longtime residents question the limits of hospitality.

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