National Geographic February 1995


The Amazon: South America’s River Road
This free- flowing behemoth provides transport, larder, riches, and resort for a kaleidoscope of humanity as it carries a sixth of the world’s running water some 4, 000 miles.
Venice, More Than a Dream
A city for the ages preserves its small- town intimacy and artistic glory against a flood of tourists. A double- sided supplement traces Italy’s emergence as a nation.
Grand Teton
Development expands on adjacent ranchland, and more and more visitors surge into this splendid national park. Can Grand Teton stay grand forever?
Remote World of the Harpy Eagle
In the shrinking realm of New World rain forests, earth’s most powerful raptors need protected habitat to beat the challenge of the chain saw.
Maya Masterpiece Revealed at Bonampak
Warriors clash, captives cringe, and royals triumph in extraordinary murals from Bonampak, Mexico, brought vividly back to life with the aid of computer wizardry.

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