National Geographic May 1995


Land of camel races and car phones, the oil- rich Sultanate of Oman guards its traditions while welcoming upper- crust tourism and economic development.
Nurse Sharks { Wild Mating of the Nurse Sharks}
Exploration of a shark breeding ground in the subtropical waters off the Florida Keys gives new insights into the mating behavior of these fearsome- looking but usually benign reef dwellers.
NGS Maps in World War II { Blueprints for Victory}
Fifty years ago, U. S. Presidents relied on National Geographic maps as they planned strategy, debriefed commanders, and negotiated treaties during World War II.
Poison- Dart Frogs: Lurid and Lethal
Tiny, neon- bright frogs trill their courtship songs throughout much of tropical Latin America. But watch out: Touch one and you might be dead.
The Vimy Flies Again: Reliving the First Aerial Voyage From England to Australia
Despite violent storms and engine failure, the author and his crew fly 11, 000 miles in an open- cockpit biplane to retrace the 1919 route of the first England- to- Australia flight.
The Cherokee: Two Nations, One People
Divided in the 1830s, most of the Cherokee were forced to travel the Trail of Tears – – from their southeastern homeland to Oklahoma. Today eastern and western Cherokee celebrate a common heritage.

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