National Geographic March 1995


Chinchorro Mummies { Chile’s Chinchorro Mummies}
Unearthed from the sands of northern Chile, intact burials from 7, 000 years ago reveal secrets of a lost culture, including the world’s earliest method of mummification.
Journey to Aldabra
In the western Indian Ocean, four small coral islands – – virtually uninhabited outposts of the Republic of Seychelles – – teem with frigate- birds, giant tortoises, and a glorious parade of marine life.
The Endangered Species Act { Dead or Alive: The Endangered Species Act}
A controversial U. S. law that protects dwindling plant and animal species comes up for reauthorization this year. Good intentions have run wild at the expense of jobs and property rights, say critics of the act.
Bombay: India’s Capital of Hope
Fueled by free- market reforms, Bombay has emerged as the economic engine driving India into the 21st century. Yet overflowing slums and religious tensions pose challenges to prosperity.
North Carolina’s Piedmont: On a Fast Break
The red- clay of the North Carolina Piedmont nurtures make- do folks devoted to their churches and their race- car heroes – – and proud of their booming cities.

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