National Geographic June 1995


Israel’s Galilee: Living in the Shadow of Peace
As Israel and its Arab neighbors seek a lasting peace, this northern region – – home to 450, 000 Arabs, the largest concentration in Israel – – has become a testing ground for relations between the state and its non- Jewish citizens.
California Sea Otters { The Fragile Recovery of California Sea Otters}
Nearly wiped out by 19th- century fur hunters, these appealing mammals are reclaiming their coastal range. But feasting on urchins and abalone, they rile local fishermen.
The Brain { Quiet Miracles of the Brain}
Billions of cells in this fragile organ regulate our bodies, emotions, and memories. New research reveals the brain’s flexibility and leads to ingenious treatments for age- old disorders. Still, the matter that makes us human remains full of mystery.
New Views of the Holy Land { Satellite Revelations: New Views of the Holy Land}
Breathtaking bird’s- eye pictures are generated by computer when high- resolution satellite images are merged with a topographic database.
Puget Sound { Living a Dream on the Islands of Puget Sound}
Playground of orcas, eagles, and other free spirits, the islands of northwestern Washington are awash with newcomers. As resources decline, some longtime residents question the limits of hospitality.

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