National Geographic April 1995


The New Saigon
Once crippled by war, a reinvented Ho Chi Minh City bustles as the hub of southern Vietnam, where entrepreneurs and returning expatriates inject cash and capitalist dreams.
California Earthquakes { Living with California’s Faults}
The 1994 Northridge earthquake sent seismologists scrambling. Prediction: more frequent and damaging quakes. A supplement explains the West Coast’s geologic tensions.
The Brindisi Bronzes: Classical Castoffs Reclaimed from the Sea
A trove of classical sculptures – – heads, torsos, and limbs – – recovered from the sea offer the first evidence of ancient scrap- metal recycling.
Koalas- -Out on a Limb
The fur is flying in a debate over the future of Australia’s beloved mascots, increasingly threatened by cars and dogs – – and the leveling of their favored eucalyptus trees.
Earth Day: 25 Years Old { Earth Day: 25 Years}
Nationwide street demonstrations in 1970 helped turn Americans green. Here are seven of the dedicated millions whose commitment is bearing fruit.
Mountain Goats { On the Edge of Earth and Sky}
A hundred thousand years ago their ancestors sought refuge in the treacherous heights. Now these nimble cliff- hangers are undisputed lords of the ledge.

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