2014 January – June


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  • National Geographic January 2014

    Kayapo Courage

    The rich and powerful Brazilian tribe is battling a dam that will not die.

    Things They Brought Back

    Explorers can't resist souvenirs. These specimens are beautiful - and enlightening.

    Far From Home

    Millions of guest workers toil in oil-rich countries, cut off from both locals and loved ones.

    Once Upon a Dragon

    Indonesia's monster lizard faces an iffy future.

    Putin's Party

    Islamist insurgents, touch Cossacks, warm winters - welcome to Russia's Olympic host city.

    Impossible Rock

    The slightly nervous author, age 44, and two young hotshots climb Oman's knife-edged cliffs.

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  • National Geographic February 2014

    Secrets of the Brain

    "It'll take me a moment to locate your brain," the scientist says. With new technologies, he's able to shed light on life's great unsolved mystery: how the human mind really works.

    There's No Place Like Home

    When a man lives in one place for most of his life, he doesn't need GPS. He is guided by memories of boyhood bike rides, the ever present Mississippi and the undeniable power of rhubarb.

    Brunelleschi's Dome

    How did a hot-tempered goldsmith create the miraculous edifice in Florence?

    { Special Poster } The Cathedral of Florence and Redefining the Dome

    Gold Fever in the Yukon

    Prospectors invade Canada's great wilderness

    Karma of the Crowd

    Millions of pilgrims flock to a Hindu gathering in India - and find inner peace in numbers.

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  • National Geographic March 2014

    Damascus: Will the Walls Fall?

    The city's culture offers hope for saving Syria.

    Journey Without End

    Documenting the struggles of Syria's displaced.

    Where Greenstone Grows

    Jade is king in New Zealand's rugged southwest.

    Quicksilver Tuna

    It is the king of fish. It helped build civilizations. It is superfast. And it is perilously overfished.


    Do you really know what a black hole is? Let us take you into - and out of - the dark.

    People of the Horse

    The feelings of Native Americans for their historic companions are simple: "It's true love, that's it."

    Call of the Bloom

    Bats don't just look for flowers. Flowers reflect bat sounds to atch the winged mammals' ears.

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  • National Geographic April 2014

    Can Coal Ever Be Clean?

    We burn eight billion tons a year. Demand is surging. The challenge: control the carbon pollution.

    A Tale Of Two Atolls

    Amorous turtles and young sharks find happiness by a pair of Indian Ocean islands.

    Cosmic Dawn

    When a star is born, the best way to take a look is with ALMA, the gigantic new telescope in Chile.

    { Special Poster } How the Universe Began ... and Might End

    Hats Off to Breton Women

    Have you ever tried to climb into a tiny car with a 13-inch-tall column of lace on your head?

    Wild Obsession

    Owners love their pet chimps, tigers, bears. Critics say it's dangerous and cruel.

    Romans in France

    The muddy Rhone River is full of surprises: statues, luxury goods, a 102-foot-long Roman boat.

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  • National Geographic May 2014

    Feeding Nine Billion

    To feed our hungry planet, we must challenge the way we farm - and the way we think.

    Apple Stores

    Heirlooms and hybrids flourish.

    Digging Utah's Dinosaurs

    The hunt is on for species that lived in the state's southern desert, once part of a "lost continent."

    The Ship-Breakers

    The men of Bangladesh risk their lives to tear apart cargo carriers and tankers.

    The Generous Gulf

    From plankton to cod to whales, the Gulf of St. Lawrence harbors a profusion of shimmering life.

    Love and Loss on the Seine

    The river is a lure for romantics, tourists, sunbathers, anglers, psychiatric patients - le tout Paris.

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  • National Geographic June 2014

    Hero Dogs - A Soldier's Best Friend. Layka Saved Lives of U.S. Troops In Afghanistan After She Was Shot and Gravely Wounded.

    Farming a Better Fish

    Peru's Long-Lost Tomb

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