2000 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 2000

    The Samoan Way: A New U. S. National Park Preserves a Pristine Tropical Ecosystem
    A tropical paradise in a remote corner of the Pacific Ocean, American Samoa is home to a new U. S. national park that aims to protect the islands' rain forests, coral reefs, and traditional Samoan culture.
    History of Disaster { Wrath of the Gods: A History Forged by Disaster}
    Crossroads of both peoples and tectonic plates, the Anatolian region is rich with stories of cultures accommodating themselves to a violent geologic landscape.
    Wrath of the Gods: Catastrophe Haunts a Cradle of Civilization { Wrath of the Gods: Centuries of Upheaval Along the Anatolian Fault}
    The relentless tectonic forces that have rocked the Anatolian region for millennia nurtured myths of Poseidon and tales of Troy and may explain why Noah had to build an ark.
    People Like Us { The Dawn of Humans: People Like Us}
    Anthropologists have long associated the advent of the modern mind with the Cro- Magnons, who arrived in Europe some 40, 000 years ago, but recent evidence suggest that the transition may have happened thousands of years earlier.
    Earthquake in Turkey { Wrath of the Gods: Earthquake in Turkey}
    Last year two massive quakes tore through Turkey, killing tens of thousands and leaving many more homeless. Turkey's industrial heartland lies atop one of the Earth's most active fractures- the North Anatolian Fault.
    Slot Canyons { Playing the Slots}
    A canyoneer's heaven can quickly turn into a watery hell as flash floods continue to carve the sandstone slot canyons along the Utah- Arizona border.
    Australia- -A Harsh Awakening
    The first European settlers wanted this island continent's bizarre landscape to look more like home. Now barren fields of salt and swindling marsupial populations have Australians wrangling over how to repair damage done to their unique environment.

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  • National Geographic August 2000

    Big Sur { A Special Place: Big Sur, California's Elemental Coast}
    Along 90 miles of California coastline, Big Sur rises in a spectacular meeting of pounding sea and stark wilderness. In this rugged sanctuary nature is as unforgiving as it is beautiful.
    Monsters of Madagascar
    Pug- nosed herbivorous crocodiles, flesh- eating birds, and what may be the oldest dinosaur ever found enrich the fossil record of Mesozoic creatures.
    Phips's Fleet
    Retreating from a failed attack on Quebec in 1690, Sir William Phips lost at least one of his ships in the St. Lawrence River. Its discovery sheds new light on everyday life in the American Colonies.
    Sydney: Olympic City { Sydney: On Top of the World Down Under}
    When the Summer Olympics turn the spotlight on Sydney, Australia's host city will reach for the gold in presentation, originality, and unpretentious gusto for life.
    People of Heaven { Zulus: People of Heaven, Heirs to Violence}
    Scarred by apartheid and ensnared in bloody conflict, the Zulus, South Africa's most populous ethnic group, seek hope for the future by taking pride in tradition.
    The Temples of Angkor: Still Under Attack
    Preservationists in Cambodia struggle to keep Angkor's sacred temples intact while looters threaten to erase the few remaining traces of the ancient Khmer Empire.
    Nature's recyclers, these ubiquitous organisms both nourish and destroy life by living on plants, animals, and even us.

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  • National Geographic September 2000

    California Trails

    Blazing The West Way

    Peru's Lost Tombs

    Ahead of the Looters

    The Unbeatable Body

    What Are the Limits?

    New: ZipUSA

    Mentone, the Soul of Texas

    Rana Tharu

    Nepal's Women of Grace

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  • National Geographic October 2000

    Across the Heart of Africa: A Conservationist's Yearlong Trek { Megatransect: Across 1, 200 Miles of Untamed Africa on Foot}
    A conservationist sets out to survey 1, 200 miles of African jungle the old- fashioned way - on foot - in the first of a three- pat series of articles.
    New Eyes on the Oceans: Deep Sea Vents { Deep Sea Vents: Science At the Extreme}
    Dramatic new imagery from the Pacific seafloor reveals abundant life in a world without sunlight.
    Fossil Trail { Report to Members: Archaeoraptor Fossil Trail}
    Our November 1999 issue showcased a missing linkbetween dinosaurs and birds that fooled us all.
    New Eyes On the Oceans
    Riding a wave of new technology, scientists are discovering more of the oceans'secrets, including the integral role the seas play in shaping our climate.
    Sky- High Over the Sonoran { A Special Place: Sky- High Over the Sonoran}
    Sculpted by wind and water, this intriguing North American desert reveals itself from aloft.
    Wild Gliders of Borneo { Wild Gliders: The Creatures of Borneo's Rain Forest Go Airborne}
    A melange of creatures in Borneo's rain forest have evolved gravity- defying means of travel.
    Boston's North Enders: Keeping the Faith in Little Italy { Boston's North Enders}
    In the face of change, tight- knit Little Italy keeps the accent of good friends and good food.

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  • National Geographic November 2000

    Libya: An Inside Look After 30 Years of Isolation { Libya: An End to Isolation? }
    After three decades of international isolation, the nation works to shed its outlaw image.
    Photographer Carsten Peter Goes to Hell { Inside the Volcano: Rappel Into Hell; Inside the Volcano}
    A daredevil photographer leads a team of adventurers into an active volcano in the South Pacific.
    Nepal: Changed For Good, For Bad, Forever
    Gateway to the Himalaya, the nation struggles under its old burden of poverty and a new one - urban sprawl.
    Preying On Giants
    In Botswana a pride of lions lives large.
    Pueblo Ancestors Return Home
    Ancient Native American remains are welcomed back to New Mexico after some 80 years away.
    Putorana Plateau { Russia's Rugged Eden: Putorana Plateau; Remote Russia: Expedition to the Putorana Plateau}
    An expedition seeks Siberia's wild heart.
    ZipUSA: 90210: Life Imitates Television { ZipUSA: 90210: The Material Zip; ZipUSA: Beverly Hills, California}
    Here, looks really are everything.
    Luis Marden { The Art of Being Luis Marden}
    Writer, photographer, explorer: Luis Marden's 64 years with National Geographic shaped the magazine.

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  • National Geographic December 2000

    Polar Bears: New Cubs on the Ice { Bear Beginnings: New Life On the Ice}
    The Arctic's most formidable predator has a tender side too.
    Journey to Shipton's Arch { Journey to Shipton's Lost Arch}
    Five adventurers travel to western China to become the first to climb this geologic wonder.
    The Blue Nile: Ethiopia's Sacred Waters
    This legendary river inspires both reverence and fear among the Ethiopians who live along its banks
    Garrison Keillor: In Search of Lake Wobegon { In Search of Lake Wobegon: It's in Central Minnesota, According to its Creator}
    The author's famous fictional town is alive and well and operating under several assumed names in the heart of Minnesota.
    ZipUSA: 99705: Ever Wonder Where That Letter to Santa Wound Up? { ZipUSA: North Pole, Alaska}
    Does this suburban town live up to its name? If you run into Kris Kringel at the North Pole Plaza Mall, ask him.
    Fiordland { A Special Place: Fiordland: New Zealand's Southern Sanctuary}
    Craggy arms of rock reach toward the Tasman Sea in New Zealand's largest national park.
    Hunt for the First Americans { The Dawn of Humans: Hunt for the First Americans}
    Who were the first Americans? It's an open question as archaeologists weigh the newest evidence.

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