National Geographic August 2000


Big Sur { A Special Place: Big Sur, California’s Elemental Coast}
Along 90 miles of California coastline, Big Sur rises in a spectacular meeting of pounding sea and stark wilderness. In this rugged sanctuary nature is as unforgiving as it is beautiful.
Monsters of Madagascar
Pug- nosed herbivorous crocodiles, flesh- eating birds, and what may be the oldest dinosaur ever found enrich the fossil record of Mesozoic creatures.
Phips’s Fleet
Retreating from a failed attack on Quebec in 1690, Sir William Phips lost at least one of his ships in the St. Lawrence River. Its discovery sheds new light on everyday life in the American Colonies.
Sydney: Olympic City { Sydney: On Top of the World Down Under}
When the Summer Olympics turn the spotlight on Sydney, Australia’s host city will reach for the gold in presentation, originality, and unpretentious gusto for life.
People of Heaven { Zulus: People of Heaven, Heirs to Violence}
Scarred by apartheid and ensnared in bloody conflict, the Zulus, South Africa’s most populous ethnic group, seek hope for the future by taking pride in tradition.
The Temples of Angkor: Still Under Attack
Preservationists in Cambodia struggle to keep Angkor’s sacred temples intact while looters threaten to erase the few remaining traces of the ancient Khmer Empire.
Nature’s recyclers, these ubiquitous organisms both nourish and destroy life by living on plants, animals, and even us.

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