National Geographic November 2000


Libya: An Inside Look After 30 Years of Isolation { Libya: An End to Isolation? }
After three decades of international isolation, the nation works to shed its outlaw image.
Photographer Carsten Peter Goes to Hell { Inside the Volcano: Rappel Into Hell; Inside the Volcano}
A daredevil photographer leads a team of adventurers into an active volcano in the South Pacific.
Nepal: Changed For Good, For Bad, Forever
Gateway to the Himalaya, the nation struggles under its old burden of poverty and a new one – urban sprawl.
Preying On Giants
In Botswana a pride of lions lives large.
Pueblo Ancestors Return Home
Ancient Native American remains are welcomed back to New Mexico after some 80 years away.
Putorana Plateau { Russia’s Rugged Eden: Putorana Plateau; Remote Russia: Expedition to the Putorana Plateau}
An expedition seeks Siberia’s wild heart.
ZipUSA: 90210: Life Imitates Television { ZipUSA: 90210: The Material Zip; ZipUSA: Beverly Hills, California}
Here, looks really are everything.
Luis Marden { The Art of Being Luis Marden}
Writer, photographer, explorer: Luis Marden’s 64 years with National Geographic shaped the magazine.

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