2012 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 2012

    The Riddle of Easter Island

    How did the statues move? That question puzzles archaeologists - and modern-day islanders.

    Epic Storms

    Is that a spaceship? Or a mushroom cloud? Or a strange skyscape whipped up by wild weather?

    Vanishing Voices

    A language goes silent every 14 days. That could mean the end of words like tradzy, azaac, khei-at.

    Life in an Icy Inferno

    The breakfast of scientists freezes in the bowl. But weird microbes, possibly from Earth's bowels, thrive in the hot soil of an Antarctic volcano.

    Russian Summer

    In vacation cottages the women are in housedresses. The men, Speedos and rubber boots. They brood, plant, party, and restore their souls.


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  • National Geographic August 2012

    Life After Wounded Knee

    Still deeply affected by the 1890 massacre, the Oglala Lakota find new hope in old ways.

    What a Dive!

    The gannet can plunge into the sea at 70 miles an hour and go as deep as 50 feet.

    East Side Story

    The "other London" gets ready for its role as a venue for the Summer Olympics.

    Chasing Lightning

    Tim Samaras zips along with his 1,600-pound camera, aiming to snap the birth of a bolt.

    Tibet's Golden "Worm"

    It's part fungus, part moth larva. And for those who find yartsa gunbu, it's pure profit.


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  • National Geographic September 2012

    Weather Gone WIld

    Disastrous rains. No rain at all. Unexpected heat or cold. Is Earth's climate changing dangerously?

    Drought in the West of Texas

    The state has just suffered its driest 12 months.

    Mountains in the Sea

    They rise from the ocean floor, rarely explored by humans. A new expedition offers a close-up look.

    { Special Poster } Beneath the Oceans / Mauna Kea - The World's Tallest Mountain

    Yemen's Day of Reckoning

    Its old ruler is gone. The new challenge: coming to terms with rebels, refugees, and al Qaeda.

    The Empire Strikes Out

    Rome's walls helped set the outer limits of its power - and led to its downfall

    Mansions of the Roma Kings

    Don't call them Gypsies - a derogatory term. And don't expect any of them to live in caravans.


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  • National Geographic October 2012

    Ivory Worship

    A National Geographic investigation reveals how the religious art market fuels ivory smuggling.

    The Glory of Leaves

    Sleek or prickly, waxy or spiny, pure green or silvery white ... why do they look the way they do?

    A New Face For Rio

    With the Olympics coming in 2016, the city is spending millions to fix up its hillside slims.

    Amazing Mesoamerican Reef

    In this world, mangrove forests, ssea grass beds, and coral reefs strike a delicate balance.

    The Sky Caves of Nepal

    Explorers scramble up cliffs to find out who created these ancient dwellings.

    My Neighbor, Mr. Badger

    The people moved away from their cottages in a rural Finnish town. And the animals moved in.


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  • National Geographic November 2012

    Cuba's New Now

    The people respond to reforms with excitement, black humor, and a large dose of skepticism.

    It's All in the Bubbles

    No one knew how emperor penguins could rocket through the water so fast. Now scientists have discovered the secret.

    Vikings and Native Americans

    Strange strands of yarn are helping uncover a lost chapter of New World history.

    Sailing the Dunes

    In his wheelless paraglider, photographer Steinmetz flies over deserts, guided by dunes.

    Cheetahs on the Edge

    They're shy and delicately built. They can't roar. But the threatened cat is a shrewd survivor.

    { Special Poster } A Cheetah's High-Speed Dash

    Arkansas Delta, 40 Years Later

    A VISTA volunteer, he made black friends, was attacked by whites. Now he and his camera return.


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  • National Geographic December 2012

    The World's Largest Trees (includes poster)

    The Tunnels of Gaza

    Finding Every Bird of Paradise

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