2008 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 2008

    Tyrannosaur Trap { The Real Jurassic Park}
    An ancient death struggle tells its story in stone. By Peter Gwin Photographs by Ira Block
    Bolivia's New Order { Bolivia}
    The country's indigenous people assert their power. By Alma Guillermoprieto Photographs by George Steinmetz
    The Altiplano { Altiplano; Altiplano: Where Bolivia Meets the Sky}
    Otherworldly is the word for Bolivia's sky- high plain. By Alma Guillermoprieto Photographs by George Steinmetz
    Kingman Reef { An Uneasy Eden: Kingman Reef}
    Is this our last, best look at what a coral reef should be? By Kennedy Warne Photographs by Brian Skerry
    Who Murdered the Mountain Gorillas? { Virunga Gorillas; Who Murdered the Virunga Gorillas? }
    Murder haunts Africa's oldest park. By Mark Jenkins Photographs by Brent Stirton
    Why the West is Burning { Wildfires; Under Fire: Why the West is Burning}
    Flames threaten the American West. Again. By Neil Shea Photographs by Mark Thiessen

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  • National Geographic August 2008

    African Monkey Island { Monkey Paradise; Bioko Island; Island Ark: A Threatened African Treasure}
    The bush- meat trade stalks an African island ark. By Virginia Morell Photographs by Tim Laman, lan Nichols, Joel Sartore, and Christian Ziegler
    Target Earth
    A killer asteroid may be headed our way. By Richard Stone Photographs by Stephen Alvarez
    Japan's Premier Park { Between Volcanoes; Daisetsuzan ( Big Snow Mountain) }
    Fire and water collide in Japan's largest national park. By Gretel Ehrlich Photographs by Michael Yamashita
    Ancient Iran: Inside a Nation's Persian Soul { Ancient Soul of Iran; Ancient Iran; Persia: Ancient Soul of Iran}
    The glories of Persia inspire the modern nation. By Marguerite Del Giudice Photos by Newsha Tavakolian Photographic portfolio by Simon Norfolk
    Moscow at Night { Moscow Never Sleeps}
    When the sun sets, the Russian capital heats up. By Martin Cruz Smith Photographs by Gerd Ludwig


    IRAN: BORN AT THE CROSSROADS(20 1/4 x 31 inches)
    Included: Political map of Iran showing land cover, including population areas, oil pipelines, railroads, roads, cropland, grassland, shrubland, forest and woodland, and bare ground; inset map of the Middle East. ; Also included: Tectonic collision of co
    THE EMPIRE OF PERSIA(20 1/4 x 31 inches)
    Included: Map of the Achaemenid Persian Empire ( ca. 550 B. C. to 330 B. C. ) with notes on peoples of the empire, including Ionians, Lydians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Arabs, Medes, Babylonians, Elamites, Parthians, Bactrians, Scythians, and Indians; illust

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  • National Geographic September 2008

    Desperate Measure: Elephant Management
    The grim practice of culling elephants may resume. By Karen E. Lange
    How Sailfish Hunt { In the Whirl: Sailfish}
    Sails raised, colors gleaming, they round up prey. By Jennifer S. Holland Photographs by Paul Nicklen
    Bolivia's Women Wrestlers { Bolivia's Wrestlers; Bolivia's Wrestlers: Cholitas Fight Back! }
    Women compete in petticoats, bowlers, and bling. By Alma Guillermoprieto Photographs by Ivan Kashinsky
    Haiti Soil { Dirt Poor: Haiti Soil}
    Haiti's degraded land can't grow enough food. By Joel K. Bourne, Jr.
    An Elephant Love Story { Elephants of Samburu; Family Ties: The Elephants of Samburu}
    An African love story. By David Quammen Photographs by Michael Nichols
    The Green Sahara { Green Sahara; Lost Tribes of the Green Sahara}
    Uncovering a mysterious Stone Age graveyard. By Peter Gwin Photographs by Mike Hettwer
    Where Food Begins { Soil; Our Good Earth: Soil}
    The future rests on soil. Can we protect it? By Charles C. Mann Photographs by Jim Richardson

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  • National Geographic October 2008

    Right Whale Watch { Right Whales; Right Whales: On the Brink, On the Rebound}
    The North Atlantic species hangs in the balance. By Douglas H. Chadwick Photographs by Brian Skerry
    Flamboyant Bee- Eaters { Bee- Eaters; Painting the Sky: Bee- Eaters}
    The colorful bee- eater bird wings across three continents. By Bruce Barcott Photographs by Jozsef L. Szentpeteri
    High in the Ozarks { Ozark Highlands Trail; The Intimate Wild: Ozark Highlands Trail}
    An uncrowded trail traverses the Arkansas highlands. By Mel White Photographs by Peter Essick
    Life in India's Fast Lane { India's Fast Lane; India's Superhighway; India Highway; Fast Lane to the Future: India's Superhighway}
    Superhighways are reshaping the nation's future. By Don Belt Photographs by Ed Kashi
    The Other Humans: Neanderthals Revealed { Neanderthals; Last of the Neanderthals}
    Why did our Ice Age rivals vanish? By Stephen S. Hall Photographs by David Liittschwager Reconstruction by Kennis & Kennis Photos by Joe McNally

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  • National Geographic November 2008

    Borneo { Borneo's Moment of Truth}
    Can the island's fabled biodiversity be saved? By Mel White Photographs by Mattias Klum
    Canadian Mega Wilderness { Canadian Giant; Canadian Wild; Northern Giant: Canadian Wild}
    A former logger helped preserve a vast wild land. By John Vaillant Photographs by Michael Christopher Brown
    The End of Night: Why We Need Darkness { Light Pollution; Our Vanishing Night: Light Pollution}
    Most city skies have become virtually empty of stars. By Verlyn Klinkenborg Photographs by Jim Richardson
    Tarahumara: A People Apart { Tarahumara People}
    Modernity looms for the Sierra Madre's Tarahumara. By Cynthia Gorney Photographs by Robb Kendrick
    Cavern of Crystal Giants { Crystal Cave; Crystal Palace: Mexico's Cave of Crystals}
    Cavers in Mexico confront extremes of heat and beauty. By Neil Shea Photographs by Carsten Peter
    Elephant Seal Sojourn { Elephant Seals; Shore Leave: Elephant Seals}
    Once a year, the behemoths come ashore to mate. By Susan Casey Photographs by Yva Momatiuk and John Eastcott

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  • National Geographic December 2008

    John Updike's Mars { Mars; Visions of Mars}
    Humanity is on intimate terms with the red planet. By John Updike
    Wallace { The Other Darwin; Alfred Russel Wallace; The Man Who Wasn't Darwin: Alfred Russel Wallace}
    Alfred Russel Wallace is the forgotten evolutionist. By David Quammen Photographs by Robert Clark
    West Bank Looting { The Stolen Past: Looting Imperils the Holy Land's Sacred Sites}
    Looters are ravaging West Bank archaeological sites. By Karen E. Lange Photographs by Michael Melford
    Klamath River { Reuniting a River: Klamath River}
    Unlikely allies work to let the Klamath River run free. By Russ Rymer Photographs by David McLain
    King Herod { King Herod Revealed; The Real King Herod: Architect of the Holy Land; The Holy Land's Visionary Builder: Herod}
    His unearthed tomb reflects his cruelty and brilliance. By Tom Mueller Photographs by Michael Melford
    Saving Lives in India { India Health; Village Health Workers; Necessary Angels: Village Health Workers}
    In rural India, women volunteers save lives. By Tina Rosenberg Photographs by Lynn Johnson


    JERUSALEM' S HOLY GROUND(31 x 20 1/8 inches)
    Included: Drawings of Solomon' s Temple ( ca. 960 B. C. ), Herod' s Temple ( ca. 10 B. C. ), and the Dome of the Rock ( A. D. 691) , with notes on architectural details; painting of a sacrifice on the Mount Moriah rock; illustrations of priests moving th

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