2012 January – June

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  • National Geographic January 2012

    A Thing or Two About Twins

    Twins could unlock the secret to how genes and the environment interact to make us who we are.

    Panama's Big Dig

    At an ancient cemetery, gold is surfacing so fast the archaeologist is tempted to yell, Stop, stop!

    The Cold Patrol

    It's 25' below zero. The dogs are unruly. Polar bears lurk. Pay is low. Yet Danes proudly serve.

    The Healing Fields

    "One less mine, one less child without a leg." Cambodia recovers from the scourge of mines.

    Hyperactive Zone

    Africa's Afar depression has swallowed camels, spit up lava lake, and created precious salt.

    Hanging On the Hi-Line

    Hype brought a flood of Montana homesteaders. Their descendants still struggle with tough terrain.

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  • National Geographic February 2012

    New Tricks From Old Dogs

    The genetic code for canine shapes and sizes may help scientists unravel human disease.

    The Calm Before the Wave

    A tsunami strikes almost every year. When and where will the next giant wave hit?

    { Essay } A Japanese mother's tsunami warning.

    Kazakhstan's Tomorrowland

    The oil-rich country's brash, billion-dollar new capital has everything - including "the banana."

    Leonardo... Or Not?

    A chalk-and-ink drawing purchased for $21,850 could be a $100 million masterwork. The proof may come down to a 500-year-old book

    Reclusive Rocks

    Do you like grit in your teeth? Isolation? Hoodoos that shift hues? Then come to the Southwest's well-kept secret: Vermilion Cliffs Monument.

    Last of the Cave People

    They came to meet Papua New Guinea's no-mads-and stumbled into a life-and-death crisis.


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  • National Geographic March 2012

    The Apostles' Eternal Journey

    They preached their faith across thousands of miles. Today pilgrims still follow in their footsteps.

    Tales of the Arabian Seas

    Ponder the riddle of the reefs, meet the happy mudskippers, marvel at on-the-go ghost crabs.

    How the Rock Got to Plymouth

    Glaciers carried boulders hundreds of miles and left them to rest in some very unlikely spots.

    Rhino Wars

    The horn, Whose black market value rivals that of gold, could be the rhino's curse - or salvation.

    Fraternite in Marseille

    Immigrants from just about everywhere seem to get along. Can the harmony last?

    Destination Europe

    Foreign workers are driving population growth. Where are they from - and where are they now?


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  • National Geographic April 2012

    Climb of Her Life

    Her husband turned back. Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner plunged ahead in a risky effort to conquer K2.

    Masks That Make Magic

    In Africa and its diaspora a mask can turn you into a god - or send a message to the pooh-bahs.

    The Titanic, Illuminated

    One hundred years after the ship sent its SOS: "Now we know where everything is."

    { Poster } How it sank and where it rests

    Walking With Ghosts

    With the aid of robotic avatars, James Cameron has spent nearly 500 hours exploring the Titanic.

    Flocking Flamingos

    They really do stick together - and that may increase their odds of survival in a perilous world.

    Where Slaves Ruled

    In Brazil they escaped plantations, created secret societies, and today fight for legal rights.


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  • National Geographic May 2012

    Bringing the Civil War to Life

    In the 1860s combat artists captured battlefield drama. Today reenactors reimagine the conflict.

    { Special Poster } The March to Gettysburg / Civil War to Civil Rights

    A Showboating Bird

    To woo a mate, a male manakin might make music with its wings ... or do the moonwalk.

    Egypt In The Moment

    A Nile journey reveals how the revolution is playing out far from its epicenter in Tahrir Square.

    A Show of Hands

    Humans, of course, have them. So do bats, cats, dolphins, elephants, and frogs. Our artwork takes you inside these useful appendages.

    Iceland's Resilient Beauty

    Icelanders and sheep have taken a toll, but the volcanic-glacial landscape is still astonishing.

    The Race to Rescue Koalas

    Megan Aitken drives Australian streets, saving marsupials that face urban hazards and disease.


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  • National Geographic June 2012

    Sunny, With Chance of Woe

    The space-weather forecast: solar storms. What causes them - and how will they affect Earth?

    At Home in the Outer Banks

    Why move to a North Carolina barrier island? A photographer's portfolio reveals his reasons.

    Terra-Cotta Army: True Colors

    Our exclusive artwork shows for the first time how China's buried warriors really looked: glorious in reds and greens, purples and pinks.

    Smitten by a Ural Owl

    One fierce female didn't mind becoming an Estonian photographer's muse.

    In China's Shadow

    Hong Kong is changing again. But into what - and molded by whom - seems most uncertain.

    Yemen's Legendary Island

    Socotra is home to weird plants and animals that live nowhere else.


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