National Geographic July 2000


The Samoan Way: A New U. S. National Park Preserves a Pristine Tropical Ecosystem
A tropical paradise in a remote corner of the Pacific Ocean, American Samoa is home to a new U. S. national park that aims to protect the islands’ rain forests, coral reefs, and traditional Samoan culture.
History of Disaster { Wrath of the Gods: A History Forged by Disaster}
Crossroads of both peoples and tectonic plates, the Anatolian region is rich with stories of cultures accommodating themselves to a violent geologic landscape.
Wrath of the Gods: Catastrophe Haunts a Cradle of Civilization { Wrath of the Gods: Centuries of Upheaval Along the Anatolian Fault}
The relentless tectonic forces that have rocked the Anatolian region for millennia nurtured myths of Poseidon and tales of Troy and may explain why Noah had to build an ark.
People Like Us { The Dawn of Humans: People Like Us}
Anthropologists have long associated the advent of the modern mind with the Cro- Magnons, who arrived in Europe some 40, 000 years ago, but recent evidence suggest that the transition may have happened thousands of years earlier.
Earthquake in Turkey { Wrath of the Gods: Earthquake in Turkey}
Last year two massive quakes tore through Turkey, killing tens of thousands and leaving many more homeless. Turkey’s industrial heartland lies atop one of the Earth’s most active fractures- the North Anatolian Fault.
Slot Canyons { Playing the Slots}
A canyoneer’s heaven can quickly turn into a watery hell as flash floods continue to carve the sandstone slot canyons along the Utah- Arizona border.
Australia- -A Harsh Awakening
The first European settlers wanted this island continent’s bizarre landscape to look more like home. Now barren fields of salt and swindling marsupial populations have Australians wrangling over how to repair damage done to their unique environment.

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