2009 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 2009

    Answers From Angkor

    The sacred city may have engineered its own downfall

    Dining With Devilfish

    Manta rays in the Maldives are frenzied feeders

    Top Ten State Fair Joys

    Be hypnotized! Gawk at cows! Indulge in fried Coca-Cola!

    Land of Lord of the Rings

    The fire and ice of a New Zealand park starred in the movie.

    Serbs Face the Future

    They look at Kosovo with regret - and to Europe with hope.

    Cosmic Vision

    Giant telescopes take human eyes deep into space.

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  • National Geographic August 2009

    Where the Salmon Rule

    Life is hard enough for the fish. Now politics threatens a Russian sanctuary.

    Will Yellowstone Blow Again?

    Its volcano last erupted 640,000 years ago. The future is anyone's guess.

    The Art of Deception

    See that four-inch twig on the floor of the forest? It's really an insect.

    Vanishing Venice

    Tourists flood the city. Residents flee.

    Queen Camel

    At an Abu Dhabi pageant, judges look for shiny hair, a long neck ... and a large and symmetrical hump.


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  • National Geographic September 2009

    Plugging Into the Sun

    The race is on to grab enough rays to power the planet.
    Graphic: Can solar save us?

    Raising Penguins

    In one colony 100,000 parents peck to protect.

    Shattered Somalia

    Can the world's number one failed state reverse its course?

    Sneaky Orchids

    They lure insects with trickery and the promise of sex.

    Before New York

    If you think the city's wild now, you should've seen it in 1609.


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  • National Geographic October 2009

    The Tallest Trees - Redwood

    Rocketing Whales

    Indonesia Faces the Fanatics

    Lost in the Sahara

    A Priceless Shipwreck


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  • National Geographic November 2009

    Animal Mummies

    In Egypt they were afterlife pals, holy helpers, gourmet jerky.

    Reinventing Syria

    The country still struggles to escape its dark past.

    Blaze of Blue

    The Eurasian kingfisher is flashy and feisty.

    Stone Labyrinth

    Madagascar's rocky towers are a haven for strange animals.

    India's Wet Harvest

    Parched farmers try to make the most of monsoon waters.

    King Crocs

    The reptiles once ruled the world. Why did they fall?

    Sidebar: Meet RatCroc and DogCroc, long-ago Sahara dwellers.

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  • National Geographic December 2009

    The Other Tibet

    The Uygurs of China's oil-rich far west are facing a crisis.

    Resurrection Island

    Once a scene of slaughter, South Georgia is awash with life.

    Searching For New Earths

    Distant worlds are being discovered. Is one of them like ours?

    The Hadza

    Tanzania's hunter-gatherers live 10,000 years in the past.

    The Mating Of Plants

    Let's not be coy: Pollen is plant sperm, and it's born to ride.

    Monks Of Mount Athos

    They can be zealous, reclusive, worldly, prayerful, defiant.

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