1997 January – June


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  • National Geographic January 1997

    The Imperiled Nile Delta
    As the Mediterranean Sea encroaches and the Egyptian population grows, what's to become of the fertile lands at the mouth of the ancient river?
    Peruvian Mummies Revisited { Sharp Eyes of Science Probe the Mummies of Peru}
    An Inca maiden, sacrificed on an Andean peak five centuries ago, reveals more secrets.
    Tree Giants of North America: Climbing an Ecological Frontier
    Suspended hundreds of feet above the ground, scientists investigate the temperate rain forest canopies of the Pacific Northwest.
    Joseph Rock { Our Man in China: Joseph Rock}
    Explorer and journalist Joseph Rock brought China to life for Geographic readers in the 1920s and ' 30s.
    Beneath the Tasman Sea
    The plankton- rich waters off Australia's island state host rare and splendid creatures.
    Field Notes
    The Society's Committee for Research and Exploration helped fund 200 field projects last year.
    Sri Lanka: A Continuing Ethnic War Tarnishes the Pearl of the Indian Ocean
    A nation of azure skies and emerald fields in the Indian Ocean is turning crimson from bloody civil conflict.

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  • National Geographic February 1997

    An Arctic Breakthrough
    Scientists are evaluating secret polar data, newly released by the U. S. and Russia in a farsighted act of bilateral cooperation.
    Lichens: More Than Meets the Eye
    Among the world's oldest organisms, lichens provide food, medicine, rainbow- hued dyes, and even monitor air quality.
    The Dawn of Humans: The First Steps
    A wealth of fossil finds in Africa draws us closer to answers about when, where, and why our earliest ancestors first stood upright.
    Siberian Tigers
    Russian and American researchers join forces to try to save the world's biggest cat.
    Under New York
    An incredible maze of water mains, transit tunnels, sewer pipes, and power cables girds the core of the Big Apple.
    Sons of Genghis Khan { The Great Khans: Sons of Genghis}
    Heirs of the great Mongol warrior set out to conquer the world and nearly succeeded, forging the largest land empire in history.

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  • National Geographic March 1997

    Moths Come to Light
    Some 140, 000 species of moths display an astonishing variety of disguises and survival techniques.
    Hong Kong { Hong Kong: Countdown to China}
    Time's up! On July 1 Great Britain relinquishes its Asian colony to China.
    Our National Forests { U. S. National Forests; In the Line of Fire: Our National Forests}
    Federal woodlands have become recreation destinations - - and battlefields over multiple use.
    The Magic of Paper
    One of civilization's most precious innovations has recorded and helped shape the way we live.
    strong>Kaliningrad: Coping With a German Past and a Russian Future
    Wrested from Germany in World War II, Russia's ice- free Baltic port tries capitalism.
    Bearded Seals: Going With the Floe
    The first detailed study of these pinnipeds in their Arctic home provides insights into behavior.
    China's Gold Coast { Boom Times on the Gold Coast of China}
    Cities on the Pearl River Delta are booming, thanks to free enterprise and the pending reunion with Hong Kong and Macau.

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  • National Geographic April 1997

    Fig Trees { Borneo's Strangler Fig Trees}
    These tropical giants often kill their hosts, but their fruit sustains myriad island animals.
    Australia's Dog Fence { Traveling Australia's Dog Fence; Traveling the Australian Dog Fence}
    Stretching across the outback, the 3, 300- mile barrier protects sheep from dingoes - - but poses ecological dilemmas.
    Special Places: The Yellowstone { Yellowstone River; The Yellowstone, The Last Best River}
    Tumbling out of Yellowstone National Park, one of the West's last undammed rivers carves a fantastic landscape on its way to meet the Missouri.
    Moscow: The New Revolution
    Free enterprise is changing the complexion of Russia's cosmopolitan capital.
    Oil on Ice: Economic Boon, Environmental Disruption- -Alaska Weighs the Problem
    After 20 years, Alaska's North Slope gusher is slowing down, and the industry has its eye on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
    The Hubble Telescope { Hubble's Eye on the Universe; Time Exposures: The Hubble Telescope Views the Universe From Space}
    Astronomy's unmatched eye records the fringes of the universe from earth's orbit.

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  • National Geographic May 1997

    La Salle's Last Voyage
    In 1686 the Belle ran aground off Texas, ending a French explorer's quest to reach the Mississippi by sea. Now the wreck surrenders its secrets.
    India, Turning Fifty { India: Fifty Years of Independence}
    Home to nearly a billion people, Asia's giant democracy struggles to fulfill the dream born with its freedom from Britain 50 years ago.
    The Dawn of Humans: Expanding Worlds
    Fleet- footed and skilled at tool making, Homo erectus was probably the first member of our human family to venture out of Africa.
    Iceland Volcano { Iceland's Trial by Fire}
    A volcanic eruption ripped open the island- nation's largest glacier, unleashing the worst flood in 60 years.
    Alaska Bike Trek { Biking Across the Alaska Range: A Wild Ride}
    After 775 bone- rattling miles of glaciers and gravel bars, a trio looks back at an awesome mountain- biking adventure.
    Pythons { Hunting the Mighty Python}
    Gbaya men in central Cameroon stalk the huge snakes for meat and skin by crawling into their burrows and hauling them out bare- handed.

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  • National Geographic June 1997

    The Human- Cat Connection { The Family Line: The Human- Cat Connection}
    Researchers mapping feline DNA find intriguing genetic similarities to humans.
    Central Africa { In Focus: Central Africa's Cycle of Violence}
    Forty years of violence between Hutu and Tutsi has scarred the core of a continent.
    Fox River { Special Places: Hemingway's Many Hearted Fox River; Hemingway's Many Hearted Fox River}
    Hemingway's storied trout stream wends its way through the woods and bogs of northern Michigan.
    Cats: Nature's Masterwork
    From tiger to tabby, these marvels of design are all the same under the skin.
    Old Ironsides { Restoring Old Ironsides}
    In July, the U. S. S. Constitution is scheduled to set sail from Boston for the first time in 116 years.
    Black Pearls of French Polynesia
    Crystalline lagoons of the Tuamotu Archipelago provide a home for a unique South Seas trove.
    French Polynesia { Charting a New Course: French Polynesia}
    France's restless South Pacific paradise grapples with modernization as it fights for its identity.
    Okinawa: Claiming Its Birthright
    Japan's southern outpost has hosted the U. S. military for five decades. Some argue that's long enough.

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