2011 January – June

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  • National Geographic January 2011

    Population 7 Billion How your world will change?

    Quieting a Noisy Ocean

    Bleached Reefs Bounce Back

    Telltale Scribes of Timbuktu

    Conquering Vietnam's Megacave

    America's Lost City

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  • National Geographic February 2011

    The Evolution of Feathers

    Their origin may have had nothing to do with flight.

    Opium Wars

    A key step toward Afghan peace is to wipe out poppies.

    From Relics to Reefs

    Fish can't resist a sunken subway car, tank, or ship.

    Under Paris

    You'll find bones, stones, and legal - and illegal - tourism.

    Snub-Nosed Monkeys

    Their odd face may help them weather China's cold.

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  • National Geographic March 2011

    Taming the Wild

    A fox can be man's best friend. All it takes is the right genes.

    Enter the Age of Man

    We remove mountains, raise supercities, transform our planet.

    Ancient Swimmers

    Fish that date to dinosaur days get rare human visitors.

    Kung Fu Kingdom

    Near Shaolin Temple, old masters train wannabe movie stars.

    Gold Dusters

    They're pollinators. And they're ready for their close-up.

    The Ultimate Alaska Trek

    What makes a world-class hiker cry? Ask Andrew Skurka.


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  • National Geographic April 2011

    Genius Of The Inca

    How did they build an empire? Archaeologists find new clues.

    The ghost town of Machu Picchu was "found" 100 years ago.

    A Jewel In Two Crowns

    Crimea was once Russia's paradise. Now it belongs to Ukraine.

    Volcano Next Door

    To save an African city, scientists drop into a red-hot lava lake.

    The Acid Sea

    Sea stars shrink. Sea urchins are stunted. We are the cause.

    Miracle Above Manhattan

    New Yorkers can float over busy streets in an innovative park.

    Indomitable Snow Frogs

    When Alpine lakes start to defrost, their frogs go courting.

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  • National Geographic May 2011

    The Reef's Greatest Test

    Australia's Great Barrier Reef faces unprecedented change.

    Buoyant in Bangladesh

    Its resourceful residents refuse to give in to rising seas.

    Sisterhood of Weaver Ants

    They swarm in forest canopies, sew leaves, share scents.

    Yosemite's Superclimbers

    They're hanging on by a fingertip - without a rope.

    Bravura Camera Obscura

    A hole in a black plastic sheet creates magical images.

    Happy Hour in a Tree

    The Ochroma serves nightly snacks for monkeys, birds, bugs.

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  • National Geographic June 2011

    Birth of Religion

    Turkey's 11,600-year-old pillars reflect a surprising new theory about the origins of worship.

    Africa's Super Park

    Cheetahs and elephants are lucky to live in the eco-minded nation of Namibia.

    Too Young to Wed

    The bride may be 14, 10, 5. The practice of child marriage is illegal - yet still thrives.

    Brimming Pools

    Rich and risky, tide pools host sea stars, anemones, harpooning worms.

    Can China Go Green?

    No other country is investing so heavily in clean energy. But no other country burns as much coal.

    Rare Earths

    They're the secret (Chinese) ingredients of (almost) everything high-tech.

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