National Geographic January 1997


The Imperiled Nile Delta
As the Mediterranean Sea encroaches and the Egyptian population grows, what’s to become of the fertile lands at the mouth of the ancient river?
Peruvian Mummies Revisited { Sharp Eyes of Science Probe the Mummies of Peru}
An Inca maiden, sacrificed on an Andean peak five centuries ago, reveals more secrets.
Tree Giants of North America: Climbing an Ecological Frontier
Suspended hundreds of feet above the ground, scientists investigate the temperate rain forest canopies of the Pacific Northwest.
Joseph Rock { Our Man in China: Joseph Rock}
Explorer and journalist Joseph Rock brought China to life for Geographic readers in the 1920s and ‘ 30s.
Beneath the Tasman Sea
The plankton- rich waters off Australia’s island state host rare and splendid creatures.
Field Notes
The Society’s Committee for Research and Exploration helped fund 200 field projects last year.
Sri Lanka: A Continuing Ethnic War Tarnishes the Pearl of the Indian Ocean
A nation of azure skies and emerald fields in the Indian Ocean is turning crimson from bloody civil conflict.

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