National Geographic June 1997


The Human- Cat Connection { The Family Line: The Human- Cat Connection}
Researchers mapping feline DNA find intriguing genetic similarities to humans.
Central Africa { In Focus: Central Africa’s Cycle of Violence}
Forty years of violence between Hutu and Tutsi has scarred the core of a continent.
Fox River { Special Places: Hemingway’s Many Hearted Fox River; Hemingway’s Many Hearted Fox River}
Hemingway’s storied trout stream wends its way through the woods and bogs of northern Michigan.
Cats: Nature’s Masterwork
From tiger to tabby, these marvels of design are all the same under the skin.
Old Ironsides { Restoring Old Ironsides}
In July, the U. S. S. Constitution is scheduled to set sail from Boston for the first time in 116 years.
Black Pearls of French Polynesia
Crystalline lagoons of the Tuamotu Archipelago provide a home for a unique South Seas trove.
French Polynesia { Charting a New Course: French Polynesia}
France’s restless South Pacific paradise grapples with modernization as it fights for its identity.
Okinawa: Claiming Its Birthright
Japan’s southern outpost has hosted the U. S. military for five decades. Some argue that’s long enough.

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