National Geographic March 1997


Moths Come to Light
Some 140, 000 species of moths display an astonishing variety of disguises and survival techniques.
Hong Kong { Hong Kong: Countdown to China}
Time’s up! On July 1 Great Britain relinquishes its Asian colony to China.
Our National Forests { U. S. National Forests; In the Line of Fire: Our National Forests}
Federal woodlands have become recreation destinations – – and battlefields over multiple use.
The Magic of Paper
One of civilization’s most precious innovations has recorded and helped shape the way we live.
strong>Kaliningrad: Coping With a German Past and a Russian Future
Wrested from Germany in World War II, Russia’s ice- free Baltic port tries capitalism.
Bearded Seals: Going With the Floe
The first detailed study of these pinnipeds in their Arctic home provides insights into behavior.
China’s Gold Coast { Boom Times on the Gold Coast of China}
Cities on the Pearl River Delta are booming, thanks to free enterprise and the pending reunion with Hong Kong and Macau.

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