1996 January – June


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  • National Geographic January 1996

    Neandertals { The Dawn of Humans: Neandertals}
    Archaeology proves these ancient humans to be intelligent hunters and compassionate beings.
    Inquisitive and social, these beguiling seabirds are well adapted to the harsh North Atlantic.
    Arctic Ocean Traverse { Dispatches From the Arctic Ocean}
    An international team completes a perilous transoceanic crossing via the North Pole.
    Center of the Earth { Under Our Skin: Hot Theories on the Center of the Earth}
    Churning heat at earth's center drives our dynamic planet and sparks debate among scientists.
    The [ Edmund Fitzgerald] { Requiem for the [ Edmund Fitzgerald] }
    High- tech dives in Lake Superior retrieve a ship's bell - - and memories of a lost crew.
    Feast of the Tarpon
    Clouds of baitfish schooling in the Caribbean attract these voracious predators.
    Utah: Land of Promise, Kingdom of Stone
    As it celebrates its centennial, Utah still promises wide spaces and family- centered living.

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  • National Geographic February 1996

    Our Polluted Runoff: Widespread as Rain and Deadly as Poison
    Stealthily it makes its way into our freshwater supplies, but hidden pollution can be controlled.
    The Caucasus { The Fractured Caucasus; In Focus: The Fractured Caucasus}
    Maps chart the beleaguered borders and ethnic diversity of this mountainous region.
    Irian Jaya: Indonesia's Wild Side
    Former warriors and headhunters make peace with modern times as Indonesia develops its largest and wildest frontier.
    Irian Jaya's People of the Trees
    The Korowai live as their Stone Age ancestors did - - in homes high in the rain forest.
    Tex- Mex Border { Tex- Mex: The Winding Border Along the Rio Grande Both Divides and Unites Two Fast- Changing Worlds}
    Two cultures twine along the 1, 250- mile Rio Grande borderland, nearly a country unto itself.
    Into the Heart of Glaciers
    With the skill of divers and climbers, daring cavers explore labyrinths in the ice.
    Thailand { The Many Faces of Thailand}
    Gentleness is a given in a proud Buddhist nation that has turned itself into an economic tiger of the Pacific Rim.

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  • National Geographic March 1996

    Emperor Penguins { Emperors of the Ice}
    Embracing the coldest climate on earth, these avian royals reproduce during the Antarctic winter.
    The Dawn of Humans: Face- to- Face with Lucy's Family
    New fossils from Ethiopia help flesh out the oldest skeleton in our ancestral closet.
    Horsemen become farmers and deserts sprout oil wells as China resettles and develops its wild west.
    The Silk Road's Lost World
    Mummies with Caucasian features recall a culture that thrived in Xinjiang 3, 000 years ago.
    Macedonia: Caught in the Middle
    Independence came in 1991 to the onetime Yugoslav republic, but national unity remains elusive.
    Hudson River { Heart of the Hudson}
    A spirited sense of community is reinvigorating New York's historic river valley region.

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  • National Geographic April 1996

    A Century of Research and Exploration { Understanding Our World}
    Projects funded by the Committee for Research and Exploration enrich and enthrall.
    The Aran Islands: Ancient Hearts, Modern Minds
    Some 1, 400 Gaelic speakers hold down a fortress of tradition off the west coast of Ireland.
    The Anasazi { The Old Ones of the Southwest}
    As archaeologists penetrate the mysteries of the ancient Anasazi, new questions arise.
    Trout { A Passion for Trout}
    The quest for these denizens of cold clear water is more than sport: It's a way of life.
    China's Buddhist Caves { Pilgrimage to China's Buddhist Caves}
    Centuries- old images of devotion grace caverns along China's Silk Road.
    Storming the Tower
    Using hands, feet, and nerve, four Wyoming cowboys scale 3, 000- foot Trango Tower in the Himalaya.
    Jerusalem { The Three Faces of Jerusalem}
    Holy to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, this storied city struggles to balance religion, politics, and power.

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  • National Geographic May 1996

    Antarctic Ice { Exploring Antarctic Ice}
    Scientists probing the continent's winter skirt of sea ice find clues to global climate.
    Peru Begins Again
    Bankrupt and beset by terrorists in 1990, Peru today enjoys a new sense of national spirit.
    David Thompson: The Man Who Measured Canada
    Fur trader and naturalist, this unheralded explorer discovered the headwaters of the Columbia River - - and mapped the heart of Canada.
    Dinosaur Eggs { The Great Dinosaur Egg Hunt}
    Scientists hit paydirt in their search for insights into the family life of dinosaurs.
    Tax haven and playground of Europe's ultrarich, this tiny Mediterranean country principally embodies luxury and privilege.
    California Desert { California Desert Lands: A Tribute to Sublime Desolation}
    Powdery dunes, Joshua tree forests, and searing rockscapes are now under federal protection.

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  • National Geographic June 1996

    Canada's supercity has become a multicultural center of business, arts, and pleasant living.
    African Dinosaurs { Africa's Dinosaur Castaways}
    In the Sahara, a predator as large as Tyrannosaurus rex emerges from the sand.
    In Focus: Bosnia
    Maps help chart the history of Europe's bloodiest conflict since World War II.
    Eritrea Wins the Peace
    A new nation faces daunting challenges after a 30- year war for independence.
    Saltwater Crocodiles { Australia's Saltwater Crocodiles}
    The once besieged salties of the northern Australian coast are on the rebound.
    Australia's Cape York Peninsula { Cape York Peninsula; The Uneasy Magic of Australia's Cape York Peninsula}
    Aborigines assert their claim to the harsh and beautiful northern tip of Australia.
    Peruvian Mummies { Peru's Ice Maidens: Unwrapping the Secrets}
    Frozen in time, 500- year- old mummies promise fresh understanding of the Inca Empire.

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