National Geographic February 1996


Our Polluted Runoff: Widespread as Rain and Deadly as Poison
Stealthily it makes its way into our freshwater supplies, but hidden pollution can be controlled.
The Caucasus { The Fractured Caucasus; In Focus: The Fractured Caucasus}
Maps chart the beleaguered borders and ethnic diversity of this mountainous region.
Irian Jaya: Indonesia’s Wild Side
Former warriors and headhunters make peace with modern times as Indonesia develops its largest and wildest frontier.
Irian Jaya’s People of the Trees
The Korowai live as their Stone Age ancestors did – – in homes high in the rain forest.
Tex- Mex Border { Tex- Mex: The Winding Border Along the Rio Grande Both Divides and Unites Two Fast- Changing Worlds}
Two cultures twine along the 1, 250- mile Rio Grande borderland, nearly a country unto itself.
Into the Heart of Glaciers
With the skill of divers and climbers, daring cavers explore labyrinths in the ice.
Thailand { The Many Faces of Thailand}
Gentleness is a given in a proud Buddhist nation that has turned itself into an economic tiger of the Pacific Rim.

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