National Geographic May 1996


Antarctic Ice { Exploring Antarctic Ice}
Scientists probing the continent’s winter skirt of sea ice find clues to global climate.
Peru Begins Again
Bankrupt and beset by terrorists in 1990, Peru today enjoys a new sense of national spirit.
David Thompson: The Man Who Measured Canada
Fur trader and naturalist, this unheralded explorer discovered the headwaters of the Columbia River – – and mapped the heart of Canada.
Dinosaur Eggs { The Great Dinosaur Egg Hunt}
Scientists hit paydirt in their search for insights into the family life of dinosaurs.
Tax haven and playground of Europe’s ultrarich, this tiny Mediterranean country principally embodies luxury and privilege.
California Desert { California Desert Lands: A Tribute to Sublime Desolation}
Powdery dunes, Joshua tree forests, and searing rockscapes are now under federal protection.

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