National Geographic June 1996


Canada’s supercity has become a multicultural center of business, arts, and pleasant living.
African Dinosaurs { Africa’s Dinosaur Castaways}
In the Sahara, a predator as large as Tyrannosaurus rex emerges from the sand.
In Focus: Bosnia
Maps help chart the history of Europe’s bloodiest conflict since World War II.
Eritrea Wins the Peace
A new nation faces daunting challenges after a 30- year war for independence.
Saltwater Crocodiles { Australia’s Saltwater Crocodiles}
The once besieged salties of the northern Australian coast are on the rebound.
Australia’s Cape York Peninsula { Cape York Peninsula; The Uneasy Magic of Australia’s Cape York Peninsula}
Aborigines assert their claim to the harsh and beautiful northern tip of Australia.
Peruvian Mummies { Peru’s Ice Maidens: Unwrapping the Secrets}
Frozen in time, 500- year- old mummies promise fresh understanding of the Inca Empire.

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