1992 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 1992

    Mountain Lions { The Secret Life of America's Ghost Cat}
    A photographic chronicle of mountain lions' first year in captivity yields an intimate family album.
    Mountain Lions { Learning to Live With Mountain Lions}
    These elusive cats once ranged across the U. S. Decimated by overhunting and vanishing habitat, only 30 to 50 remain in the East. But in the West, mountain lions are making a comeback.
    The Spell of the Trobriand Islands { Trobriand Islands; Under the Spell of the Trobriand Islands. }
    Living in apparent bliss, the Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea deflect the outside world with mocking indifference. But how long will the magic last?
    Albania Opens the Door
    Europe's poorest country has emerged from nearly five decades of forced isolation under a representative dictatorship. Now it must struggle to catch up.
    Life on a Wharf Piling { Pillar of Life}
    As a magnet draws filings, a wharf piling in the Chesapeake Bay attracts a bizarre multitude of marine organisms - - from sea horses to shipworms.
    America's Third Coast
    Arching along the Gulf of Mexico from the Everglades to the Rio Grande, 1, 600 miles of U. S. coastline juxtaposes fragile salt marsh and heavy industry, condominiums and empty beaches.

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  • National Geographic August 1992

    Main- Danuble Canal Links Europe's Waterways { Main- Danube Canal- -Linking Europe's Waterways}
    What Charlemagne tried to engineer in A. D. 793 will come to pass next month, when Germany opens a 106- mile canal linking two great river systems. But many question its costs to the environment.
    Struggle of the Kurds
    Saddam Hussein's atrocities in northern Iraq have focused world attention on an ancient people seeking autonomy in their long- divided homeland.
    Chinese Emperor's Tomb { A Chinese Emperor's Army for an Eternity}
    More than 2, 000 years ago Han emperor Jing Di took extraordinary measures to ensure his safe passage in the afterlife, as excavation of burial site reveals.
    Denali, Alaska's Wild Heart
    A six- million- acre park and preserve contains North America's highest peak, abundant wildlife, and a dilemma: How to plan for an expected tide of visitors?
    Paraguay Plots a New Course { Paraguay: Plotting a New Course}
    On the heels of a 1989 military coup, this nation in the heart of South America is taking tentative steps toward democracy. A supplement map of the continent focuses on the imperiled Amazon basin.

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  • National Geographic September 1992

    Murals of Ancient Cacaxtla { Mural Masterpieces of Ancient Cacaxtla}
    Vivid wall paintings unearthed in central Mexico depict gruesome sacrifices and mythical creatures - - offering a glimpse of a long- lost culture of warrior merchants.
    Minnesota Lake Country { Minnesota Memoir: A Lifetime of Lakes}
    A native son returns to the lake country of his youth and finds once sleepy fishing camps yielding to upscale resorts. The walleyes still bite, but solitude is a rare catch.
    Dolphins in Crisis
    In the past decade millions of these intelligent marine mammals have been drowned in nets or poisoned by polluted waters. Now the world acts to protect them.
    Ushering in a golden age of literature, Russia's beloved Alexander Pushkin has always been more than a poet to his countrymen.
    African Slave Trade { The Cruelest Commerce; The Cruelest Commerce: African Slave Trade}
    Three and a half centuries of greed brought 10 to 12 million enslaved Africans to the Americas. Their descendants reach back to touch the horrific past.

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  • National Geographic October 1992

    This charismatic Apache leader fought the relentless advance of settlers and entered history. A map supplement illustrates key sites in the cultural heritage of the Southwest.
    Atlantic Ocean Geysers { Deep- Sea Geysers of the Atlantic}
    Diving two and a half miles to the Mid- Atlantic Ridge, a U. S. -Russian expedition investigates mineral- rich hot springs, home to eyeless shrimp and source of the first pure gold found in the deep.
    The Bolshevik Revolution: Experiment That Failed
    Lenin's Bolsheviks dreamed of creating the ideal society, but the communism born of their 1917 revolution proved as vulnerable to human imperfection as did the rule of the tsars.
    Our Disappearing Wetlands
    Rich and complex ecosystems, wetlands reduce water pollution, alleviate flooding, and provide critical wildlife habitat. Yet the U. S. loses 300, 000 acres of this natural resource each year.
    Hard Harvest on the Bering Sea
    In a brutal struggle with the elements, Americans and Russians reap the wealth of the waters off their shores. Now other nations seeking a larger share of the catch threaten the fishery.

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  • National Geographic November 1992

    The Lure of the Catskills
    Known for dairy farms, trout streams, and borscht belt reports, New York's scenic mountains struggle to cope with an ever increasing influx of flatlanders from New York City.
    Eagles on the Rise
    An innovative hatching program is helping the bald eagle, cherished symbol of freedom in the U. S. , to reclaim its historical range in the Southeast.
    The Sense of Sight
    Our most remarkable and complex sense is also our most valued. Throughout the world, science is unlocking the mysteries of human vision and developing weapons against blindness.
    Maya Heartland Under Siege
    Slash- and- burn farmers fleeing hunger and poverty are chopping down the forests of Guatemala's Peten, home to the ancient Maya. Scientists use satellites to monitor changes in the region.
    Portugal's Sea Road to the East
    Little kingdom with a mighty reach, Portugal carved the richest oceanic empire of the 16th century and left a lasting imprint throughout the Far East.

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  • National Geographic December 1992

    Milan- -Where Italy Gets Down to Business
    Engine of one of the world's most vigorous economies, workaholic Milan promises to ease Italy's way within the new Europe. A double supplement map examines the changing face of the continent.
    Whale Sharks, Gentle Monsters of the Deep
    Largest of fishes, these gentle monsters of the deep gather by the score each year to feed at a reef off Western Australia, but knowledge of their behavior remains elusive.
    Crucibles of Creation: Volcanoes { Volcanoes: Crucibles of Creation}
    Horrific explosions from the underworld scorch the earth with liquid fire and block out the sun with ash. But these vehicles of destruction also gave birth to land, sea, and atmosphere.
    The Hard Ride of Route 93
    Take your tools and your time when you drive Highway 93 from Arizona to Alberta. The narrow lanes don't forgive mistakes, and the offbeat folks you meet don't ask many questions.
    Gatekeepers of the Himalaya
    For decades the Sherpas of Nepal have aided foreign climbers on expeditions in their mountain realm. Now, as a tribute to their people, an all- Sherpa team has scaled Everest for the first time.

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