National Geographic September 1992


Murals of Ancient Cacaxtla { Mural Masterpieces of Ancient Cacaxtla}
Vivid wall paintings unearthed in central Mexico depict gruesome sacrifices and mythical creatures – – offering a glimpse of a long- lost culture of warrior merchants.
Minnesota Lake Country { Minnesota Memoir: A Lifetime of Lakes}
A native son returns to the lake country of his youth and finds once sleepy fishing camps yielding to upscale resorts. The walleyes still bite, but solitude is a rare catch.
Dolphins in Crisis
In the past decade millions of these intelligent marine mammals have been drowned in nets or poisoned by polluted waters. Now the world acts to protect them.
Ushering in a golden age of literature, Russia’s beloved Alexander Pushkin has always been more than a poet to his countrymen.
African Slave Trade { The Cruelest Commerce; The Cruelest Commerce: African Slave Trade}
Three and a half centuries of greed brought 10 to 12 million enslaved Africans to the Americas. Their descendants reach back to touch the horrific past.

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